Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Limping Zone

With the exception of a $15 180 final table where I came 6th and a few small cashes I had no joy at all playing Mtt's last weekend and my Stars roll has crept under the $2k mark for the first time in a long time.Despite the usual ton of beats and coolers and the overall frustration of losing key hands at key times I did still enjoy playing.

Sadly though it looks like the next couple of weekends will be my last playing Mtt's and I'll be heading back to Sng's to rebuild my roll.I suppose it was always a bit foolish to try and play $400-$500 worth of Mtt buy-ins every Fri/Sat/Sun on a relatively small bankroll.Great fun though!( apart from all the sickening exit hands)

Going back to Sng's and avoiding sharks like Moorman1,Timex and GuitarJ doesn't really appeal much but while I don't kid myself I can outplay those guys,there is still plenty of dead money in Mtt's and I hope I can bink a decent cash soon to keep me in the game.

Poor Nacho was running/limping badly at the weekend too after badly cutting his paw on Saturday.When he did the same back in '08 he needed stitches at the vet and I remember carrying him up and down the stairs that lead to my first floor flat.He wasn't too keen on the carrying part at all and I've now discovered that the easiest way to cure his limp is to simply ask him if he would like carried.The limp vanishes and he speeds up dramatically.Of course that made me smile and several times when walking him on Sunday I wound him up by offering to carry him the rest of the way.He likes a laugh though and took it well…

El Classico on Saturday night wasn't the greatest game in the world but I thought Real Madrid were worthy 2-1 winners.I'm a bit torn tonight as I have a soft spot for Chelsea and would like to see them get through against Barcelona but I'd also love to see a Barca v Real Champions League Final.

Thanks for reading.Back soon...


At Thursday, 26 April, 2012, Blogger dD said...

thanks for the draw card comment .. speaking of such, it was my birthday the other week .. where's my card an prezzie ???? you tight cnut !!

At Thursday, 26 April, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Do birthdays still count when you're 127 yrs old?

Only kidding mate.Sent you a little something on Stars to help boost your roll.Don't spend it all at once ;-)


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