Saturday, October 27, 2012

Final Tables and Goals

Last night was a funny old night at the virtual felt.I was exhausted after a long week at work and felt quite rusty too after not playing since last weekend.Still being fairly new to Mtt's,I'm forever trying to find a balance between playing tight,aggressive poker and finding more spots to gamble and give myself the chance to build a big stack.As usual plenty of my premium hands were getting busted and at one point I even noticed my play was getting a bit tilty after I crashed out the $16,$4k Gtd when I couldn't lay down my JJ on a Queen high board when it was obvious I was beaten.

I had a word with myself,got back to playing solid poker and managed to build decent stacks on some of my tables.Despite this I was down to 3-4 tables by around midnight and fired up a couple of $15,180 player turbo's to keep me busy.I ended up making the final table of the $11,$3k Gtd and one of the 180 player turbo's at the same time and only just missed out on two more with a 12th in a $5 Hyper turbo and a 25th from 1500 players in the $11,$10k Gtd.My JJ was no match for A5 in the $3k ( took 6th) and after completely dominating the 180 turbo final table I could only come 2nd when my K9 was beaten by Q9 rivering a straight.It was still a decent nights profit though.

I did save the funky wee hand below from the Boom replayer.The villain was raising around 33% of hands preflop but was weak post flop and I felt I could take the pot away from him at some point in the hand.Not often I check raise the flop,lead the turn and shove the river as the line didn't make much sense but the fishy villain probably put me on the flush or Ace when he folded on the river.He was raising so often preflop an Ace was only a small part of his range which is one reason I kept firing.Having almost no showdown value was another!

I'm not really a "goals" type of guy ( unless they're being scored by Rangers!) but Pocket Fives has me down for $36k in winnings on Stars and I've decided to make it my goal to reach $100k and earn a wee $100k badge next to my name.I've also reached the heady heights of being ranked 343 in the UK and 3175th in the world for Mtt's.I'd love to climb higher but that's not very likely unless I greatly improve both my game and volume.( and working full time the latter is not going to happen).Nice to have something to aim for in terms of winnings though. I was sad to read Josie posting that she wont be blogging anymore as she's just not feeling it and doesn't want to waste her time and energy on it.There seem to be very few regular poker bloggers left and in truth I'm not sure I'm "feeling it" much either these days.I used to post at least a few times a week and now it can feel like a chore much of the time to just get a couple done per month.It does feel a bit like my blog has jumped the whole of Sea World and not just the shark but I'm a creature of habit and probably won't quit boring you all with exciting tales of 12th place Hyper Turbos finishes just yet.

Thanks for reading.Back soon..


At Tuesday, 06 November, 2012, Blogger dD said...

how the fuck does he fold with 8.5k behind and a 105k pot ????
sorry to hear u aint "feeling" it .. I quite enjoy your weekly meandering drivel :)

At Wednesday, 14 November, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Ha yeah and they say poker is getting tougher eh!


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