Friday, June 16, 2006

Cat still away

Mrs A won’t be back until Sat now so I have my Mum popping round about lunchtime to walk the wee man as I’m working until 6pm.A bit frustrating as the 2 World Cup games this afternoon should be great especially the Dutch V Ivory Coast.The Mexicans impressed me in their first game v Iran and I’m looking forward to watching them play Angola at 8pm whilst tucking into my Chicken tika masala.

It’s been a slow week on the poker front.Only played one sng on Wed night but managed to squeeze in about an ½ hour of ring play aswell as 4 or 5 failed sng’s last night.I did win Wednesdays sng but they are really more of a fun distraction than any kind of big money winner for me.

I’m probably playing a dangerous game with my tiny Inter bankroll but after the late night sng’s with Juice and Rosie ,I couldn’t face anymore of the $.15-$.30 nl and made the slight jump to £.15-£.30 and won enough in a short time to bring my Inter challenge balance to $100.71.

I read somewhere that it’s hard to go back down the levels and while $50 nl is only a small step up I’d forgotten just how dreadful some of the play is at Inters lowest nl micro stakes.One or two fish at a table are great but dealing with a whole table of them ( 6 max) where somone’s bound to suckout and hit a hand ( when they all call) makes it a profitable but dangerous pursuit as it’s often very hard to get a read on the villans as they are so unpredictable.There’s also so much ego and personal pride on display at these tables that it gets almost funny at times.

My Mum seems to be coping well with the newbies table at Laddys and it gives me great amusement to take calls from her like last nights requesting I visit and explain a bit more about how Pokertracker works.She even has gametime plus working and is probably the only player at the $.5-.10 tables with an active HUD.

Not good news that Juice has worked out her screen name but he’s been warned.Shark my mother and there will be hell to pay!
I do feel a bit guilty about not telling her about my blog afterall there’s no state secrets here but like my personal diaries when I was younger,it just doesn’t feel right to think your parents are reading.Do any other bloggers give out their blog addy to their families? Am I just being silly?

Interesting reading Jordans latest post on buy-in sizes.Due to leaving myself only $50 at Inter I’ve bought in for just under the maximium ( $20 or £20 instead of $25/£25) but I usually always buy in for the maximum as to do otherwise shows fear and would also leave me unable to protect a made hand or bluff enough to force a fold from a marginal hand.I’m sure some people play shortstacks very well but in the majority of cases I would say shortstacks are generally fishier players as they don’t usually buy in short to play patient poker.Each to his/her own I suppose.Whatever works.

Ooops Im in trouble.Mrs A called to ask me to put a tenner on Argentina to beat Serbia + Montenegro this afternoon.Her brother said to put it on at a certain bookmaker who offered to add £25 to the first bet made but he forgot to give me the promo code so they wouldn’t accept it.Halftime score? 3-0 to Argentina….

Curry,football and poker on the menu tonight with more of the same prescribed for the weekend.
Here’s a quick funny before I go….

STOKER John McAndrew, working on the renovated River Clyde passenger ferry unveiled yesterday, reminded us of the legendary story from the boat's past about the Old Firm fan, chased by rival supporters intent on doing him harm, who spotted the little ferry 10 feet away from the dock, and, fearing for his health, made a prodigious leap to land on the boat's deck.Cheerily standing up and making obscene gestures at his pursuers, he then heard the skipper behind him: "That's brave. We're just coming in to dock."


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