Sunday, July 09, 2006

Curse of the Cowboys

I had a frustrating night at the tables last night losing around $60 at Inter and making a tiny profit at Laddys.I played a $10 mtt ( $1k gtd) and went out in 24th ( top 20 paid) when my KK was busted by 1010.( 10 on turn).Two hours of play and out on a suckout.Hmmmf!

Moved to 6 max and two tabled £25 nl for an hour or so ,treading water and not making much progress.Opened a £50nl table where a huge fish was donating and patiently waited for my shot at him.He left before I'd had a chance to make any moves and two others left leaving the table 3 handed.At this point I think I became a victim of some other plonkers "last hand sydrome".Bottom line was that my KK was sucked out on by 33.Flop was 6 6 5 and I bet out hard.Turn brought a 2 and the river a 4.Thankfully I was last to act and only called the villans teaser bet on the end and didn't reraise but it was a real sickener.

I had a whine about it but at least managed to shut it out of my mind and continued to play my game.I didn't see many premium hands and even the two sets I made were on flops with three sooooted cards so had to be played hard.

I've been playing long enough to know that ( in the words of the great philosopher,David Brent) you have to "accept that some days you are the pigeon and somedays you are the statue".Now before I go and get a warm wet sponge to wipe the crap off here are my weekly stats...

Interpoker $329 ( inc $100 bonus) , Ladbrokes $1089,Pokerroom $1059. Total $ 2477. ( + $123 for week).

Watching the Fedderer v Nadal final this afternoon before going to pay my Gran a visit.I hope tonights World Cup final lives up to it's potential.I did previously tip Italy but I'm edging towards one last great Zidane performance before he retires.Here's hoping it's a belter.


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