Thursday, July 06, 2006

Small edges

This week seems to have flown in so far.Thoroughly enjoyed the Italy win over Germany on Tuesday night with two superb goals right at the end of extra time settling it.It may have been 0-0 for the first 128 minutes but the footballing quality on show was a joy to watch.Ex Rangers man ,Rino Gattuso, was my man of the match and covered every blade of grass on the pitch.

Nice to see my other prediction come true last night and France make the final.The game was nowhere near as good as Tuesdays but it should make for a fascinating final on Sunday.Unless Zidane puts on another masterclass I’m going for the Italians to win as their quick short passing and movement has been beautiful to witness at times.

The only downside was having to listen to the English commentator state during the Italian game that there’s an Englishman on the pitch as one of the Italians lived in England until he was 6, and that Italian was born in the same town as ’66 World Cup hero,Geoff Hurst. This was followed by the impartial BBC’s John Motson saying he didn’t mean to be spiteful but that “Carvalho had been involved in the Rooney incident” after Carvalho got a yellow card, which would have meant he was suspended for the World Cup final if Portugal had made it.He certainly was “involved” as he was the player who had his crown jewels stamped on by Rooney!!

Juice asked me ( after a little gentle ribbing about Ingerland crashing out) if I wanted a bet on Scotland qualifying for Euro 2008. No chance! I doubt England would qualify either from a group which includes the two World Cup finalists and Ukraine.Scotland are building a decent young side but qualifying for the next World Cup has to be the aim.

Not played too much poker after the football over the last two nights and Mark visiting for last nights Halo fest but I did squeeze in an hour of cash play at £25nl and won £20. I did laydown one hand I was unsure about at the time but subsequently regretted.The upside was I got the fishies money anyway in another hand when my 2nd pair,good kicker beat his 3 pair.

Only 14 more player points to go to release my $100 bonus and I’m looking forward to getting it cleared and adding it to my Inter balance.

Online poker is all about small edges and I've mentioned previously that I like to check the lobby of the site I'm playing at to see which players at my table are multi-tabling.Multi-tablers tend to have the goods when they raise,rarely bluff and generally play abc poker.I've never been hot on stealing blinds at cash tables and working out who gives them up easily but I will open up the other table the multi-tabler is playing.I do this firstly to see what kind of stack he/she has but also to steal their blinds if they are involved in a hand at the other table.It's not going to make me rich but any edge I can find,I'll take.

Speaking of edges I tried to get one over the wee one by finding out more about "emo" after reading an article in The Times about the latest teenage craze.It seems to involve listening to depressing music,wearing leopard prints,thick glasses and have a presence on My Space.I've read the article,googled it and I've still no idea what it's about. I must be getting old!

Ok,back tomorrow or over the weekend...


At Saturday, 08 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Areet the Oak-In-Waiting!

Just caught up with poker 'n' life, a l'acorn - Still enjoying those 37 inches i see...(phnarr).

Class comment on Saddam's last request!!

Reflecting on the point in hand, i think that we (up here) would be (more) inclined to support Ingerland, if yous (doon there) got rid of the bawbags who 'commentate' [ i.e. talk about what is actually happening footy related about 5% of the time and talk about all possible permutations of 6 (my ring piece is 6 inches wide, the space between shrek rooney's 2 brain cells is 6 inches wide, yadayadayada) to come up with granny's lucky number - 1966, the rest of the time.....]

I don't even like 'the fit'ba'. Just ask acorn...

At Saturday, 08 July, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Get intae its heid S-man .lol


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