Saturday, July 01, 2006


After the football yesterday I hit the tables and played for 20 minutes at Laddys ,winning a nice pot with quad nines before playing a few sng's at Inter.Came 3rd and bubbled in a $10 sng ,then moved to a cash table where my set of tens fell to a flush within a couple of hands.Inter challenge sits at $139.

Left Inter $13 down and moved to a wild Laddys 6 max $50 nl table where the average pot was $29 and there were regularly pots over $100.

I'm well aware of the high variance nature of these late night tables and found myself down three buy-ins more through bad luck than bad play.One of the three table maniacs caught me when I raised with AcKs,he called reraised with QQ and the flop came Qc Kc 7c and I pushed when he bet thinking I was ahead and never hit my flush.( thought I had a lot more outs too).

A10 fell to A3 when a 3 hit on the turn blady blady blah!

Two players also flopped two pairs on me aswell but I'm not going to whine and moan because that's the nature of wild games where three players are calling stations with Vpip of over 65%.If players didn't call raises with J8 then I wouldn't be sitting watching the tennis on my new 37" tv ...

At the wild table it was a game of cat and mouse between the three tight trapping players and the three wild maniacs who were hard to put on a hand when they did hold the nuts but overbet when they didn't.I love that kind of game even if it does bite my arse occasionally.

At my new table I won a little back before heading to bed around 5am.

Looking forward to the big game today....but I don't think Andy Murray has quite enough experience yet to get past a player like Roddick yet.Watching an old hero of mine,Agassi,play Nadal just now and would love to see Andre get through( 2 sets down just now though).Tennis reminds me of poker in some ways as it seems to be a mental battle as much as anything else at the top level.

Edit: Gaun yersel wee man! Murray beats Roddick in straight sets.Bottle,heart and skill.
Now for Brazil v France...

England and Brazil are my tips to get through to the semi-finals of the World Cup today though I reckon Brazil will have far too much for an over hyped England team if they do meet up.

Fitba' ,tennis,poker and a long walk for Nacho on the cards today.

Back tomorrow with weekly update....


At Sunday, 02 July, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

I wont be taking any sporting tips in the world cup from you?!

I actually fancy france now to win it. But i guess they are the favorites now.

At Sunday, 02 July, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

"As for england winning the world cup. I actually have a good feeling about them this year."

Your tips are worse than mine!

Got to go with France too after the Zidane show last night...

At Sunday, 02 July, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

To be fair we should have had that portugal side on toast.

At Sunday, 02 July, 2006, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

on toast with an extra portion of butter and jam!

We never played a team better than us in the whole tourny.


At Sunday, 02 July, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Portugal were without two of their best players,you couldn't beat an average Sweden team and struggled past 2 very average sides in Trinidad+Tobago and Equador.

Feel sorry for you guys ( just a tiny bit!) but your team won't be missed!
They were mince!

At Monday, 03 July, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

As i keep telling you acorn.

Judge England not by this world cup.

I truely believe that a competitive team will rise from this debarcle.



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