Friday, June 30, 2006

Monthly/yearly stats update

My cashout has complicated things but on May 30th I had a total of $4620. $4620-$2147 June 11th cashout = $2473.

Current stats as of June 30th are Ladbrokes $1204 ,Pokerroom $1073,Inter $152. Total $2429.

-$44 for month from May 30th -June 30th.

19.5 hrs at Laddys and 23 hrs at Inter.Total hours played ( cash tables) 42.5 hrs

Total profit since Oct 31st '05 = $3238

Total profit in 1st yr Oct31st '04 -Oct 31st '05 = $4239

Total profit since I started playing for real on Oct31st '04 = $7477.

I had a bad start after returning from my holiday on June 3rd and lost $245 between then and my cashout on June 11th.I'm quite pleased to have made up most of that loss especially as I've been experimenting with $5 Sngs recently and have also cut my poker hours played due to watching the World Cup. Most of my hands at Inter cash tables have also been at $25nl instead of my usual $50 in order to play within my Inter bankroll and compete in the $50 challenge without busting.

Bring on July!


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