Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The S-man was over last night and we hit up Pokeroom for a couple of turbo tourneys to get warmed up.Came 2nd in one and 5th in the other for a small profit.Great to see S-man again and looking forward to catching up again when he’s back from his summer holidays.

Finished watching the turgid Swiss V Ukraine game and opened up the Inter tables for more sng fun.Won my first $5 sng and came 2nd in the other.Up until last week the only $5 sngs I’ve played recently have been $5 turbos and I wonder if they have actually stood me in good stead for my shot at the 10 hands per level games on Inter.Turbos force players to be selective and aggressive and bringing a little of that to standard $5 sng’s has worked so far.90% Return on investment over a tiny sample of 35 games played and a wee shark symbol according to Sharkscope.That'll do me!

Had a little fun with the hammer last night at one of my sng’s.With 1000 starting chips I raised to 200 ,got a caller on a K board who called my continuation bet on the flop and turn before folding to my all in on the river.Enjoyed showing that one.I actually respected the player in the hand as at least being capable of laying down K with a poor kicker simply due to the fact he had checkraised me in a previous hand and that’s probably the first checkraise I’ve seen at these $5 sng’s all week.

Dadi tomorrow night and though I love playing in it and justify the late timing as a one off every now and then, I have a dilemma because I need to leave work early on Friday to be back home for Germany v Argentina clash at 4pm and a late start with an early finish will knock my flexi-time back even further.I was hoping to get a UK team of three together to challenge Jordan n co but looks like the 2am is just a bit on the late side.Maybe next time.

Just watched Brazil cruise through to the Quarter finals without really getting out of first gear.Hoping for a cracker tonight between France and Spain.I predict a Brazil v Spain Q final and along with the Germany vArgentina game on Friday it is the game of the next round.

Viva Espana!


At Tuesday, 27 June, 2006, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

A - is this DADI tourny 2am Thursday night / Friday morning?
If you can find another player, I'll give it a go - i'm off Friday morning :-)




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