Sunday, July 02, 2006

Live Poker report + Sunday update

Just back from Glasgows' Wabash poker club where I played in the £5 nl rebuy tourney with 40 of my bestest friends and my wee cousin.

Started with 1500 chips and built a nice stack at my 8 player table.AJ hit a J on the flop and I won when the other two drawing players missed.I limped with 44 and slowplayed the 664 flop even checking the river to induce a steal but the poor villan had made trips and a straight and was crippled after that.

There was one very tight player,a loosey goosey and a few in between at my first table.I had 29 k in chips when I folded 66 to a raise from the tighty .The big stack next to me went all in on a draw and the tightys AA held up.I would hit my 6 and gone from 29k to nearer 70k in chips but I was happy with my laydown.The tight player was busted by QQ when she had AA again at the final table and looked distraught so I told her about the 66 hand hoping to cheer her up a little.

I had paid £5 entry,£5 towards the bounty for knocking a player out and rebought once.I didn't bother adding on as I had more than the average stack when the rebuy period ended but at my new table I had two large ( 80k) stacks to my left which made stealing difficult and with the blinds rising it was squeaky bum time trying to make it past the bubble.The only ( and best hand) I played was K10 and it held up v Q10 to keep me in.

We played 4 handed at our table and 5 handed at the other for what seemed like forever before someone crashed out and I made the final table of 8.The payments are very top heavy .Pos 8-5 paid £20,4th was £60 and it rose sharply from there.

I was 2nd shortstack at my new table and got lucky pushing from late position with K9 and hitting a nine V A5 TO stay in before going out a few hands later when I raised 20k in chips ,leaving 6k to look weak, with KK and one of the big stacks from earlier called and bet my last 6k on a J high flop.She had AJ and hit an A on the river to knock me out but no complaints as I really enjoyed my time playing and after four visits ( two in the money) I'm starting to feel more comfortable at the table and more confident in my ability.

Sorry I can' t provide more detail on hands played but I have the opposite of a photographic memory.

Back to online poker and last night was a big improvement on Fridays in terms of results.I won $44 at Laddys and $45 at Inter for my nights work to leave my figures as follows: Inter $185 ,Ladbrokes $1110,Pokerroom $1059. Total $2354 ( -$15 for week).

It was actually a breakeven week as I transferred $15 from Pokerroom to Rosie to go towards my share of our Sharkscope account.I love Sharky and wish I could remember which blogger first pimped it so I can pass on my thanks.Interesting to put a few names in and see how people are doing.Nobody playing sng's should be without it.

This week it's World Cup semi-final time and for those following my uncannily accurate predictions I'm going for an Italy v France final. Looking forward to watching more Wimbledon tennis too.It's quite funny that last week English tennis fans were shouting "Rooney Rooney" at Scotland's Andy Murray because he had the cheek to say he wasn't supporting Ingerland in the world cup yet as soon as England go out Murray becomes a great "British" player according to the commentators.I still can't believe a scrawny looking Scot's teenager beat Andy Roddick in straight sets but as I've mentioned previously it's the unpredictable nature of sport which makes it so fascinating.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend...


At Monday, 03 July, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

I think what annoyed people was that murray didnt say, i support scotland. Which would be fair enough.But he said "anyone but England" which has a very negative slant on it. He could have been more dipolmatic and it doesnt bother me but i can see why people would find that rude.

At Monday, 03 July, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

p.s I think as a professional sportsman he has to choose his words more carefully.

At Monday, 03 July, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Bollocks to the PC brigade.If he ( like most of Scotland) was supporting whoever played England and said so that's fine by me.Those people offended by that should grow up.

At Monday, 03 July, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

I dont see why its fair that everyone always slags off england. Its not ok. What you say downt he pub is one thing but if you are the first minister of scotland or the british number one. You should should some tact.

At Monday, 03 July, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Aww poor wee Ingerland! So Murray or joke mcconnell didn't want England to win but should lie to appease the PC and easily offended brigade?

Awa' n boil yer heid as my Granny used to say!

Besides it doesnae matter.Yer OOT!


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