Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Challenge latest

Not much to write about Sunday evenings poker hence the lack of a post.Lost $10 but last night was more productive and I came 2nd in a sng before hitting a $25nl 6 max table and going on a nice wee run.It was only $25 nl ,the cards were kind to me and ego has no place in poker but it felt good to be crushing the table.My first check raise set the tone and eventually I had shortstacks going all in with hands like Q8 v my AJ through sheer frustration.It helped greatly that aswell as good cards the other players all had less than half a buy in and insisted on making bets of .25 into $3 and $4 pots.

I mentioned checkraising and this was a move I only used to use when I had a monster type hand but which I now use to protect more marginal hands and to try and take a pot there and then.For example at last nights table I had K8 in the BB and check raised on a ragged K high flop.My logic was that if I’d bet out I’d only get called by someone probably with a King and better kicker and would likely take the pot uncontested.By letting the button try and steal it ( which based on previous hands I thought he would) I got the money he had bet when he folded to my checkraise.I was most likely ahead anyway but maybe my good sized check raise would have scared off k9/k10 aswell giving it added value.

There is a danger in being too fancy at $25 nl when bet big or go home abc poker usually wins the money but a little deception always helps confuse the fish further.Only 30 more player points to release my $100 Inter bonus.My current $50 challenge total is $214 ( excluding bonus).The progress has been more slow and steady than spectacular but I have enough to feel I’ll avoid busting now ( at Inter) though I’d like to have enough to move up to my more regular $50nl 6 max game.

Funny that until recently I felt I needed my $4.5 k bankroll yet now I’ve got $214 at Inter I feel safe from busting out there.I have missed my regular 6 max $50 nl at Laddys and will be heading back there at some point but for now I’m enjoying the $5 sng’s and $25nl games at Inter.

My Mum and Dad are visiting tonight for dinner ( though I’ve asked them up nice and early so I don’t miss Germany V Italy) ,it’s France V Portugal tomorrow night and Rangers first friendly game V Linfield is live on tv on Thursday but I doubt that’ll stop me hitting the tables at some point.

Quick one from the paper before I go..

Last word on that tragedy…..Well, at least until tomorrow. Thanks to all the readers who nearly crashed the diary's email with their expressions of sympathy for England. John Glackin best caught the mood of "a nation in mourning" when he told us of an offer made to the devastated team – a holiday of their choice, anywhere in the world. Beckham chose Blackpool, where at least they would get to travel in an open-top bus.


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