Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sat update

Started the weekend by taking Mrs A to the Auldhouse Arms for some of the finest steak pie around before coming home and hitting the tables.

I had been on a bit of a downer due to finding a lump "downstairs" during my morning shower,but thankfully ( not too much detail to follow I promise) it's just a nasty infected thing where a hair has come out.Probably a poker injury caused by hours of sitting at my pc.It's feeling much better now and I wont mention it again but after what my sister went through last year,I'm more paranoid about these things than ever.

To the poker and my sng run continues.Two first places,a third and a 6th were my finishes last night.I'm sure it will even out a bit over the longer run but for now I'm quite proud that my Sharkscope stats say: Games played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av.ROI Total profit
55 $4 $5 63% $227

When I check out other players stats at my tables I'm stunned at some of the losses incurred.Some of these players have played thousands of games and lost thousands of $.Do they never learn,improve or think maybe this just isn't working?

Moved to Inters cash tables and finally worked off my $100 bonus to leave my Inter account at $396 including that $100.Played a little at Laddys too but ended up down $35 there after a good start which cheesed me off a bit but I did at least go to bed at a semi-sensible 4am,after a long night at the tables.

Watching the ladies Wimbledon final just now followed by the Germany v Portugal 3rd place World Cup play-off game.I reckon the Germans will win tonight and the Italians will do the business in the final tomorrow night.

Couple of quickies from the paper afore I go.Back Sunday with weekly stats...

For sale on eBay: one England football team, hardly used. The seller, from Dundee, has gone all out to tempt buyers by listing their usefulness as a sleep aid, but he's having trouble selling the team as ajob lot. Surely there's a shed builder out there who could put 11 planks to good use?

Never let it be said the Glasgow workie has no sense of chivalry. A Bearsden lady was at the dump, shaking a bag of hedge trimmings into a huge skip. She realised the cuttings were too heavy, and if she didn't let go of the bag, she would be going in as well. She apologised to the three young attendants for contaminating the green waste with her black bag. "You should have given us a shout," said one "and we'd have held your ankles."


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