Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fishy minds

Not too much to shout about at the tables over the last couple of nights.I’ve mainly been sticking to sng’s and have played about six and made the money in three.I never quite made Dadi last night, as unfortunately it’s a 2am start time for me and with it being a rebuy, I couldn’t see me finishing before 3 am.Work at 9am ruled it out.

I played an interesting Sng with Mr Edge the other night at Inter, and gained an interesting insight into the mind of a fish after Mr E exchanged a little banter with him in the chatbox.The fish thought Mr E was female and dished out all sorts of abuse and sexist nonsense.

I couldn’t let Mr Edges womanhood be insulted like that so headed off to Sharkscope to check the big mouths stats and see if they really can walk the walk or are just full of bull.

I like to do that when I come across a table coach/ poker expert ( very strange that these guys are so great they still play $5 sngs or $100 nl and under ).The general rule seems to be that the more obnoxious and abusive they are in the chatbox then the bigger a loser they are according to Sharky.

Anyways Mr E’s nemesis was a huge fish who has lost nearly $2k over 1000 sng’s ,so I told Mr E to ask the fish if he wins at sng’s.After avoiding the question Mr E was more direct and the fish ‘fessed up and agreed he probably had lost about $2k playing.He mentioned he liked to bet on horses too and before long has gone from being an abusive idiot to thinking he was at his weekly gamblers anon meeting!

Something did stick in my mind though and that was when he enivitably crashed out with a weak hand he wrote “ I had to try” in the chatbox.

Next time you get your money in as huge favourite and wonder how on earth the fish could have called with that rubbish then consider Mr “ I had to try” and his sound logic.These players are there to gamble.I doubt they’ve heard the term “poker bankroll” and I wouldn’t put money on them owning even one solitary book on the game, let alone reading forums and discussing hands etc.For them the thrill is in getting the money all in with hands like K7 sooted ,flopping a flush and busting your Aces.Sure it doesn’t happen often and they lose bigtime overall but when it does… what fun!

Off to my Mum and Dads for dinner tonight.Hope to hit the tables later....


At Friday, 28 July, 2006, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Hey Acorn,

I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I'll try to provide more entertainment over the weekend.

The Edge


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