Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bring me sunshine

The sun is shining in Glasgow this week and so far the poker has been going well too.There always seems to be loads to write and analyse when on a downswing but I feel rather short of content after a decent couple of days.I won $90 at Inter on Sunday night and $60 at Ladbrokes last night mainly due to my decent hands holding up and a few speculative hands hitting the flop hard.

I could moan that all my dominating hands in recent sng’s have been soundly beaten and as a result my sharkscope form is now officially “tilt” but I’m really not too bothered by this as I know I’m ( on most occasions) still getting my money in as favourite.

I did have a laugh on Sunday night at my 6 max table.I played until 3.30 am as I was only in work for a few hours yesterday ( local holiday) and just after entering my last table orbit I picked up 77.It was a wild table and I called the initial raise and then watched as three players ( inc initial raiser) went all in before it was back on me.No point writing about last hand syndrome and not doing anything about it I thought as I folded and watched two more sevens hit the board!.Still as Rosie reminded me,it is all about correct decisions and folding there was correct.

Not much else been going on really.Took my car back to ATS who say that they’ve checked the exhaust over and that’s not what's causing the problem.They reckon its the engine management system.The MOT is due in August so I may try book it in early to get it sorted.

Enjoyed S-mans visit last night.I hope to get him playing with real money online one day.Anyone who has the patience to play a Party freeroll with 9000 players and come in top 300 must have a chance at this game!

It's 27c outside and tomorrow could be Scotlands hottest ever day.If only I wasn't working....


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