Sunday, July 23, 2006

Get Rhythm

Warmed up with a $5 mtt at Laddys last night.I was pissed off I'd failed to notice it was a rebuy tourney after being suckered in by the $1k gtd.I rebought once and went out with a whimper after about 40 minutes.

Moved to Inter and two tabled $25 nl 6 max for a while and was soon $30 up after taking advantage of some really fishy plays.From there it was onto £25 nl and I built a decent stack there too before taking a break ( to watch online poker tv channel). Taking breaks whilst playing cash games is not something I do often enough but I could feel my focus starting to drift away from the game so a 1/2 hr away from the tables was just what was needed.

Played a $10 two table sng at Pokerroom which I thought was a turbo until about 3 levels in! The blinds were up every 7 mins which is quick but not the 3 minute intervals I'm used to in Turbos.Came 4th to just get ITM but failed to place in another couple of sngs there to leave me down a wee bit at Pokerroom for the week.

I actually finished my night with a $5 shorthanded sng there to allow myself to embrace my wild last hand syndrome streak and get aggressive.I actually held a decent lead in that last sng until my AA ran into A7 on a 7 7 K board.I'd made a good sized preflop raise and simply couldn't figure the villain for holding a 7.Went out when my all in with the Hammer was called in two places and busted.Maybe a wee lesson in table image there because at Inters sng's I may make that kind of move and not expect a call as I'm usually fairly tight early on, but in this sng I'd been raising most pots and taking stabs anytime it was checked to me which meant my table image must have been very loose.

Opened Laddys up late on but the juicy $50 nl tables were full so I used my old trick of finding a full ring table which had got short on players and sat down to play some "6 max" at $100nl.The play was quite wild and there were a few big stacks who'd probably been the better/luckier players when the table was full so I was fairly cautious early on.Before long most had left and I was playing heads-up v Mr 70% vpip.We battled back and forth for a while before being joined by another fish for some three handed fun.

We hadn't been playing long when I pick up AcAh in the big blind and after the other two villains limp in ,I raise it to $4 which they both call.They both started the hand with $35 and I had $97.( no short buyins here).

Flop came 9 h 2d Kd and the 1st villainn led out for $10.I put him on KQ/KJ or even a flush draw and raised $40 which was called by them both and had me wondering where the hell I was in the hand.

They were both all in and I could hardly watch as the turn brought an Ad and 4d leaving me sure I was dead to a flush, when the pot came my way as the postflop raiser showed K2 ( flopped two pair) and the other guy KQ.

I can see that three handed any A or K means you have a good hand but to call a 4 bb raise with K2 seems just a little fishy to me and for once it felt like poker justice had been done after he hit his 2 pair on the flop and I hit my Ace for trip Aces on the turn.

They left and from a table of six I was left on my own awaiting any challengers.I know it's only a pathetic ego boost and doesn't help the bankroll but there's something highly satisfying about feeling you've had the measure of a table and they've all known that and left.

Closed Laddys $70 up and headed back to PR for that last turbo sng I mentioned earlier.

The only problem I encountered last night was with my Yahoo chat thingy which refused to work all night and meant no joining my friends for sng's.I had plenty of good tunes to keep me going till 4.30am but I did miss the chat.Having said that I do wonder if perhaps less chat meant more concentration and that was part of the reason I had such a good night at the tables.

There may be something to that but in general it just seemed to be one of those nights when I played well,my reads were good and the cards co-operated.I managed to escape from the passive,reactive game I've been playing recently and whilst not always looking to make fancy moves,I was always looking for opportunities to take the pot whenever possible.

Figures are as follows: Interpoker $441 ,Ladbrokes $1129,Pokerroom $1034.Total $2604 ( + $266 for week).

This week Mrs A may be home early on Monday night at some point.S-man is coming over,Mark will be over on Wed and it's also Dadi week.I missed the last one due to the start time and this one is 2am again but it's a great chance to play some poker with bloggers I read regularly so I'm going to try and make it if I possibly can.

Not much else going on today apart from the golf on tv.Scots may have invented golf ( along with everything else!) but along with cricket it must be the most boring sport in the world.The French guy blowing the Open a few years back when he tried the shot from the water was great viewing but otherwise I've never been a fan.

Roll on the new football season which starts next Sunday when Rangers are away to Motherwell.They beat Middlesbrough 1-0 yesterday in a friendly and the new season can't start quickly enough for me.

Ok I'm off to walk the dog and play some poker.Hope the link works.Enjoy the rest of Sunday...


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