Monday, December 28, 2009

Behind You....Oooops

It's all getting a little frustrating being stuck indoors most of the time.I seem to have a good day or two,venture out and then suffer as the lump at the base of my back flares up further.I've also missed attending the Gers home games since Nov, although I have a ticket for our away game at the Piggery v them on Jan 4th and I'm really hoping to be well enough to make that one as the atmosphere in the Rangers end at an Old Firm game is incredible.

In fact I remember being late to get into their midden a couple of years back.We were all singing "Nakamura ate my dog" and banging on the cheap corrugated iron so loudly that we didn't hear 50,000 celtc fans celebrating an early goal.Two Pies and I thought their scoreboard was faulty when we reached the top of the stairs and glanced at it as we went to take our seats.I'd settle for a repeat of yesterdays 4-1 win over Hibs and more chants of "That's why we're Champions" and "So fuckin' easy"...

To the poker and The Bloggerment was good fun as usual.We had 13 runners again and I do wonder if it would be better to play it every two weeks or monthly to keep it fresh.Of course if Dudley ( resdentevil on Stars) wasn't 106 and completely senile he may have remembered to show up and help add to the numbers.Anyway I got it in with AK V AJ and JJ and went out when I didn't hit.

As Mr Cloud mentioned on his blog I've been helping him out with his sng game recently and I'm really pleased that so far it's going well and his results are reflecting that.( cue large downswing for Mr C!) Of course the fact that Mr C was a winning player already made my job far easier and I'm happy that I've learned a thing or two myself along the way too.I've got plenty of time on my hands at the moment and if any other low stakes sng players want any help then let me know in the comments or by email.( address at top) No fees although you have to be prepared to accept criticism and learn from it.

I only played a few more $22's last night on Party after the Bloggy and suffered from several disconnections at vital times.I was able to open other websites so I assume it was Party's fault and not my laptop/connection.In the last game I was heads up and had 7k to the chipleaders 13k.I raised JJ and his timeclock counted down to 3 seconds before it gave me the Disconnection notice.I get Party to email me all my sng hand histories and of course the villain folded to my JJ raise and then raised every pot when I was "away".( I missed AA too obviously.Grrr)

I like the Party $22's but I'm not putting up with that crap and will be taking my roll and rake back to Stars if it carries on.

Ok,just time for another Modern Warfare Vid.Nice epic fail....

Edit:Just found this one and loved it too.Enjoy Pud! ( and btw are comments working on your blog as I've tried to leave a few and it does''t seem to be working!)

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