Monday, January 04, 2010

He Dives to the Left...

I did make it to the Old Firm game yesterday and despite hurting like hell today it was worth it to see the Scottish Champions pick up a point and retain our 7 point lead at the top of the league.( especially as we were missing several key players)

Here's a taste of the Worlds biggest football derby game ( not my vid) showing our equaliser and our keeper Alan "Big Shagger" Mcgregor's amazing save which kept us in it.Probably not safe for work.

I did seem to pick up a touch of conjunctivitis again ( both eyes this time) so apart from watching a couple of Ken Burton COD Vids I hit the tables instead of COD.I had played around 30 sngs on Saturday,ran like crap and began to wonder if I'd ever win money again at poker!

Last night at the virtual felt was a lot better.I made a few hundred dollars and have also nearly earned enough points to clear another bonus.After I took this screenshot I played three more sngs and of course got screwed in them all.

I also played The Bloggerment last night but having just played a few $22 turbos I wasn't really in the mood for a $5 standard speed game and ended up donking out just after Kronsdat took the monkey home for coming last.I've just checked just now and congrats to Hammerheid on taking it down.

After the bloggy I watched Taylor lift the World Darts Championship for the 15th time and then hit the $22's again for a while before bed.

Back soon...

Edit: Ahhh who says the games are getting tougher? ( and yeah I was only completing the sb for pot odds and to try and hit two pair/straight etc.)

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At Monday, 04 January, 2010, Blogger rubbish said...

That Video looks wild, amazing atmosphere. And that plum folding with an Ace high straight? What site was it on?

At Tuesday, 05 January, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

It was just as wild as it looks :-)

It was a Party $22 turbo.Some games are tougher with nobody out by level 5 blinds but most contain some donks who can't even read the board let alone their own hand! I'm guessing he had a busted flush draw.


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