Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two in a Row

Poker continues to be a real grind at the moment as I can't seem to take a couple of steps forward without taking three steps back.After yet another crap run at the $22's I won two back to back and fired up some more,only to go 0/8 in cashes again.My mindset has changed a little since my recent cashout as my whole roll is for playing with and I don't have a couple of thousand dollars set aside for bills.With this in mind I decided to fire up a couple of $55's and a $33 to finish my session last night after checking and rechecking with myself ( not being honest with yourself costs $$ in this game) that I wasn't feeling tilty or chasing losses.The only real change I made to my game at the $55's was to open for 2.5bb preflop instead of my usual 3bb.

With 7 players still left at 300/600 blinds I shoved 77 from UTG ( first to act) and was called by A6h with the Ace hitting on the river.In the $33 I was going well, sharing the chiplead with another big stack with 5 players left.I picked up 99 utg,shoved all in and of course ran into the other big stacks KK in the big blind.With the stack sizes as they were I could have perhaps made a 2.5-3bb raise with the intention of calling anyone but the other bigstack if reraised, but I'd been tight and didn't expect the other big stack to call me without a monster...

The good news is that I did take down the other $55 for $250 which felt quite sweet after another tough nights play overall.I also reached "gold" level on Party which means I can buy a $350 bonus with my player points.I've only played about 230 sngs on Party this month and will need to double that if I'm to get anywhere near my previous volume.Racking up 15 days of Modern Warfare 2 online play won't pay for any bills!

I'll see how I feel later but I may take more shots at the $55's with my $1576 Party roll and step back down if I drop 10 buy-ins.This shot taking lark may not last long!

Away from the poker Rangers did finally win the Scottish Premier League and will go straight into the Champions League Group stages next season.I only hope all the off/on takeover talk gets resolved asap as we haven't signed a player since July '08."Nae dough,Two in a row" as the t-shirts said! I was also pleased to see "Simply the Best" made number 9 in the charts, well ahead of our rivals effort which limped in at 33.

My back scan went well on Tuesday with only deep bruising and possible cysts given as reasons for the pain I'm still feeling.I've been on half pay since the 27th of this month and will discuss getting back to work the week after next at my meeting with the occupational health people tomorrow.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon....


At Friday, 30 April, 2010, Blogger John said...

You have won the league with a 50 year old at centre half, what is the world coming to!?

GL on the $55's

At Friday, 30 April, 2010, Blogger _Kronsdat said...

I'm just considering moving up to the $22's on Absolute. The odd one's I've played haven't shown any significant jump in standard. Just worried how I would cope with the usual downswings -80 or so doesn't bother me any more -160, I'm not so sure. Just a matter of discipline and dropping back down I suppose.

Good luck with the back.

At Monday, 03 May, 2010, Anonymous Benny said...

Sounds like some good games.
Hope more come your way.
I hope your back is doing okay,
and you are feeling much better soon.
Got some Poker to play after all!!

At Monday, 03 May, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

If he was Nigerian he'd be older than Dudley mate! I thought his legs had gone last Jan but he's still good enough for the SPL.( with it being of such a high standard!)

Krons:You should certainly give them a go.From watching training vids I don't think sng's get tough until about the $100 level.


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