Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cashout + Silly New Poker Idea....

I played ten more $22's without a cash before winning the last two of the evening on Tuesday and hoped the worst of my bad run was over.I played three without cashing on Wednesday before deciding I'd had enough and got back to blasting peoples heads** off in Modern Warfare 2!

** Usually their toes if I'm lucky,I'm a duff shot!

Last night I went 0/9 with more of the same sick beats and coolers before finally scraping a couple of second place finishes.I've been biding my time to cash out $2k to cover a few upcoming bills and now that the election has been announced it made sense to go ahead just in case the Pound strengthens v the Dollar on the back of a new Government being elected on May 6th.( honeymoon period for the new guy etc )The cashout was approved in only a few hours ( wp Party) and it felt good to remind myself why I keep playing even when I can't seem to win a hand.I resisted the temptation to take the whole bloody lot out and never play another hand of poker again! My roll now sits at just over $2000 between Party and Stars.

All this downswinging crap has given me a nonsense idea for a new addition to poker tables.

It's been years since I read Super System but I'm pretty sure Doyle writes about playing more when running well and less when running badly.( or something along those lines) This does seem to conflict with the maths/logic which says every new hand is completely unrelated to the last one and there's no greater chance of my Aces etc being busted this week than at some other time when I was running hot.

Anyway my new idea for poker will allow everyone who always runs badly ( usually called losers!) to still profit! The idea is to add a type of betting exchange to some of the tables,allowing players to give the rest of the table better odds than the maths if they want to participate.

Ok here's an extreme hypothetical example of how it would work in a standard 10 player sit and go: I'm dealt KK and get all in preflop against AQ.The maths says I have a 71.5% chance of winning and the AQ is a 28.5% ( just under 3-1 in betting terms) underdog.Play is halted before the community cards are dealt, because despite being a big favourite mathematically to win this hand, I've not had a hand hold up since Dudley was a boy, and as I just "know" the Ace is coming,I reverse the odds, ( in reality I wouldn't be quite as generous, but you get the picture) and offer the table 3-1 on my KK holding up.They all pile on and although I still crash out the sng when the inevitable Ace hits the board,I win the sidebets!

The shortstack gets it all with QK ( one from tonight!) v the bigstacks QQ on the bubble and the maths says he is an aprox 3-1 underdog to win the hand.I'm the other shortstack and on planet Acorn right now,he's a feckin' dead cert to suck out and win, so I offer the table a small edge over the real odds and despite my upcoming bubble boy status,I laugh like a hyena as the King falls on the river!

Yep dig out the sillyosaurus,I've finally completely lost the plot!

Back soon, if I can still type with a straitjacket on...

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At Thursday, 08 April, 2010, Blogger TripJax said...

I like the idea. I've seen it come up several times from the pros in live, televised events. I think most of the people at a table would not be interested... or would be too terarded to understand...wait...that's a good thing. Make it happen!

At Friday, 09 April, 2010, Blogger Amatay said...

lol Poker for Loser by the Accornman. BurnleyMik will prolly buy a copy and maybe Snake eyes n Cogs but i doubt it will be a best seller imo

At Friday, 09 April, 2010, Anonymous JJ said...

I like the idea, but not sure if it would work in the longrun for the websites - ie. would that make enough comission on it to put their time into it...

At Wednesday, 14 April, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers lads.I think it would probably slow the game down too much.I get annoyed at anyone using a full 15 second timebank nevermind setting up sidebets with others at the table.


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