Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does your Mom know...

I played twelve $22's yesterday and they didn't go well.I did run like crap, but I also blame myself for letting that affect my game.I didn't tilt but I did play too many bubble situations like a weak fish and didn't make the pushes required to gain a commanding chip lead.( being card dead is no excuse)

At 6pm I picked up Step A and her pal and took them for a Mc'ds.Her Dad told me that Step A hasn't been at school for the last two weeks and there's talk of social services and children's panels.She's now talking about doing her 4th year all over again when she moves down South in June.Hopefully she will buckle down when she moves and can fulfil her potential.

I also tried to give her advice on dealing with the police last night as her and her friends have been stopped a few times when hanging about in groups outside.Always be polite,never be cheeky to them and don't give them any excuses to lock you up with bigger harder neds/chavs than you'll ever want to meet!Her pal mentioned she'd asked a police woman if she could try on her hat.I don't think I'd ever have dared be that cheeky if confronted by the police when I was a kid.Ahh the youth of today!

It wasn't all lectures about the police and sticking in at school.I'm now a world renowned expert at the game of "yellow car,double hit,no hitbacks" which is like playing tig ( or tag) whenever a yellow car is spotted.I'm not sure it's possible to multi-table tig online though....

Today's plan is to order Moses basket for my sisters upcoming baby in June and hit the tables and Modern Warfare 2 later.My Mum also called to say I can have their old leather suite when they get a new one in a few weeks.That should certainly be better for my back than the old one I'm using just now.

Righty,here's a screenshot from the chatroulette site which made me laugh.I did use the site quite a bit towards the end of last year before quickly growing bored of video chatting to random strangers.This kid pwns though!


At Friday, 02 April, 2010, Blogger Amatay said...

lol @ chat roulette, might have to take a look :-)


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