Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Lunatic is on the Grass

Playing a ton of Modern Warfare 2 has seen the poker take a back seat again over the last few days.In Playstation land there's no money at stake so multi-accounting is quite acceptable and I've now racked up a decent rank as both Stinkyp1nky and GusterBonad.Feel free to drop me a friend request on the PS3 if you're up for some Team Death Matches...

On Thursday after physio I was over visiting my folks and having been bitten by the multi-table sng bug,I encouraged my Mum to get into them and managed to help her to a win at a wee $3.40 ,45 player game.She still wants to play too many easily dominated hands ( like KJ) early in the game, but her game has certainly improved!

Last night after more COD ( Call of Duty) I decided to play a set of six games.Five $6.50's and a $12 game,all 45 player turbo's.I've played thousands of 18 player games, but I'm just starting on the 45/180 player ones and want to get a handle on exactly how they play before playing them for slightly higher stakes.

Anyway in the $12 game I shoved my 5.5k stack in the middle with AJ from the cut-off +1 at 300/600 blinds and a shortstack on the button made a standard call with 66.As the table popped up I noticed the shortstack was US blogger Change100.It was late,I could barely focus on the screen and when I won the coin flip I quickly typed " ul gg" and added " I was pot commited!".I was very wasted and it seemed quite amusing to reference her blog,( called "pot committed") despite me not even being able to spell "committed" by this point!

I can't remember if Change replied "classy" before or after I made the excuse that I was too stoned to spell, but I do recall wishing I'd just said "Hi" and I do hope Change didn't think I was trying to gloat as that's just not the way I roll at the tables or in life.

I only cashed in the $12 game,broke even on the set and hit up the Rush poker tables for a while before bed.Kat's Mammoth rebuy blogger game was tempting however I think I was going to have a whitey if I'd stayed up any longer!

Back soon...

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At Sunday, 07 March, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...

Modern Warfare is hands down one of the best games I've played in quite some time. Even the campaign was a lot of fun and had a good story line. The multiplayer is just plain insane, non-stop action with plenty of good ole' trash talking.

"Better to fight for something than live for nothing."

-General George S. Patton

Anyways, I've been grinding micro 45 turbos for quite a while. The variance is pretty tough but maybe I'm just a fish...Hope you do well in them.

At Sunday, 07 March, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Agreed Slick.MW2 is by far the best game I've ever played and the online multi-player is just superb.Great Patton quote too!

Gl to you too in the 45 turb's.Maybe we'll meet at a final table soon!


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