Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full Mookie Report!

I was still awake at 3am last night and decided to play in The Mookie.For anyone unfamiliar, The Mookie is the main weekly US/Canadian blogger tourney.I thought I'd use this blog post to give a fascinating insight into every hand I played in it including my reasoning,thoughts and feelings.Settle back,grab a very small amount of popcorn and read on...

First hand: I'm dealt the hammer and reraise from the blinds,lead out on the flop.....and have to fold to a reraise.

Second hand: Same player raises preflop and this time I have JJ.I make the same reraise as before,another player still to act shoves all in ( 3000 chips),the original bettor folds,I call and lose a flip to AQ.Nite all,gg!

More like "Both Hands Revealed" rather than Gus Hansen's excellent "Every Hand Revealed".Mine would be more of a leaflet than a book...

It was probably for the best as winning that flip and playing a standard non turbo game with 20 bloggers could have lasted until after the sun had come up.

Greg ( seo1990) left a comment on my last post which got me thinking.He wrote that he gets too easily distracted when only playing 2-3 tables and prefers around 8.I realised that perhaps I mainly only play 3 tables at a time in order that I can also be watching tv or be surfing the net.With the help of my HUD and knowledge of who the regulars are,it's only really the latter part of sng's I give my full attention.

I did also try to download an autohotkey script thing again and once again I got completely lost with it and gave up.Thanks to Burnley Mik for offering to help with that.I'll be in touch soon!

Righty,back to Modern Warfare 2 and perhaps some poker....

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