Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fools game

I've now played over 7 days worth of Modern Warfare 2 and my kill/death ratio is still only .84! My finger trigger may not be the quickest, but I do enjoy setting a claymore ( a type of landmine),firing off a few shots which show up on the mini-map as a red dot and then waiting for some snotty nosed teen to come looking for me.There's not much more satisfying than hearing the loud bang when they bite the dust!

The s-man is coming over tonight so I got stuck into the poker last night,beginning with a nasty 0/9 cashes at the Party $22's.As a taster my Aces fell to Kings,AK to A2,AK to K3.I'll save you from the other six horror stories! To anyone not familiar with sng variance those beats would probably seem unreal, however I've been playing them long enough to be reasonably happy to "lose small" when running like crap.As long as I "win big" when hands do hold up..

I hit the Rush cash tables on Full Tilt and couldn't seem to get going at all.I got it in with 1010 V K8 on an 8 high flop only for the villain to river the King.I don't often tilt but I managed to spew off $40 before moving to $100 nl.I was quickly down to $82 before reality kicked in and I reminded myself it was real money I was throwing away.I tightened up my game and with the help of a couple of flopped sets I was soon nearly 2 buy-ins up.

I should have gone to bed at that point.Instead I left the game and re bought for the min buy-in ( I didn't fancy losing my big stack in one hand) of $100.A couple of hands later I call a raise with a A8 clubs in a multi-way pot and can't believe my luck when the flop comes all clubs.The three of us in the hand get all our money in on that flop with the original preflop raiser hitting trips and the other villain drawing almost dead with top pair and a Jack flush draw.I'll admit I let out a yell of frustration when the board paired on the river.Grrrr!

I re bought and a few minutes later got completely coolered in a KK vv AA situation.In that one the money didn't all go in until the river and the board should have been too scary for us both to commit our stacks, but we did and I lost my second big pot within a few minutes.

Overall I was only down about $40 and after another fine herbal refreshment I went to bed and slept soundly, albeit with the Bonnie Tyler song below running round my head.Actually that's not a bad thing as I've had feckin' Getonmyhorse going round my head for the last few days.Click on the link to experience the same.Shut up woman,get on my horse!

Meantime here's Bonnie..

Checking the papers this morning it looks like the Pound has plummeted further v the Dollar which means I actually made money on my $5k roll overnight without playing a hand! Sweet!

If you're in the same situation ( or even if you're not!) get over to Mair's Race for life page and make a donation to a very worthy cause.

On the Step A front she stayed with her Mum for a few days last week and told me last night she's moving down South this summer.She also said she's leaving school in March ( age 15) to go to college and do her exams.The s-man knows someone who's kid did the same and these college classes are full of ned/chav kids who were kicked out their school etc.I told her this and tried to encourage her to stick at school only to be met with a barrage of swear words.I let an F word or two go without comment but drew the line at her use of the c word and she hung up on me.As I know from experience, going slightly off the rails in your teens doesn't always mean your life is screwed.I do hope though that she finds some inner peace soon amongst all the recent turmoil in her life and gets back on the rails.

Ok,thanks for reading.I'm off to set up The Bloggerment and to sing "Some poor monkey's got a Tony Mowbray heid" ( Yellow Submarine tune!).It's not entirely inaccurate jibe....

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At Sunday, 07 February, 2010, Blogger MAIR said...

Thanks G, your a star. Great read as always, one of my favourite blogs x

At Monday, 08 February, 2010, Blogger Wildcat said...

Acorn, what's your name on Tilt, I'll make sure I avoid you ;)

At Monday, 08 February, 2010, Blogger dD said...

and i will avoid those gawd damn foxes .... grrrr



At Monday, 08 February, 2010, Anonymous JJ said...

I have just purchasd Modern Warfare 2 - looks like my poker days are going to be a bit slower - can't wait to beat your kill/death ratio!

At Tuesday, 09 February, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Mair.You're welcome.

Wildcat: Well I wish it was Surprisebuttsex! What a great name!
I've been trying to avoid Rush.No rakeback is tilting me!

Dd: Nurse!!

JJ: My k/d is .86 now and slowly climbing.If you're on the ps3 I'm Stinkyp1nky and play teamdeath matches.


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