Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bloggerment + PLO game tonight...

I've also registered for the RaisetheRiver PLO game at 8pm on Stars ( pass:snowing) although I'm going for a pub dinner with my family at 6pm so I may be a little late for that one.

After playing very little poker in Nov and Dec I have stepped it up a wee bit over the last week or so and ending last night with a couple of wins at $22 and $33 meant things are looking a bit rosier on the bankroll front.

For any readers not familiar with poker it's a game played against other people where the house make their profits from the rake paid when entering a game.The $22 games I play at Party are actually $20 games with additional $2 rake going to Party Poker.I don't often give the rake much thought ( some sites offer a % of rakeback as an incentive)but if I'm making aprox $2 per game at a 10% Roi ( return on investment)it strikes me there's a big difference between paying $2 to enter a $22 on Party and the $1 fee Pokerstars charge for their $15+$1 sit and go's.I have looked at other sites with rakeback but very few seem to have the SNG player traffic required to be able to play sngs over $20 without waiting hours for the tables to fill.

On the football front I was delighted to see Rangers go 9 points clear at the top of the league yesterday.Monkeyheid's team still have a game in hand and there's a long way to go yet but it's quite amusing that for all our rivals gloating about my teams financial worries,we're still Champions and are looking good for title number 53.

I finally got round to buying a bluetooth headset for my PS3.From now on any 10 yr old squeaking about what a "noob" I am after blasting me in the head wont get away without a resounding lecture on respecting their elders.I expect my PS3 message box to be flooded by apologies from such kiddies....

Using the headset did make me wonder why poker sites don't use any kind of voice chat.It would certainly liven up the games a bit to hear people going ape after bad beats and as with the PS3 there would always be the option to mute any other player.

Back soon...

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At Sunday, 17 January, 2010, Blogger United113 said...

you're right. I play on Virgin for the rakeback and play SNG. I only play 3Euro and 5euro and the traffic at 5 and 10 seater are ok. However i was looking the other day at $20 and $50 short handed and the 30player and 100 player games at all levels and they were taking ages to fill up. Thats why stars does well as the games do fill up quicker. I'd taken a break from there of about a year and couldn't believe the player traffic when i logged back on.

Hope you're ok

At Monday, 18 January, 2010, Blogger rubbish said...

Could you imagine listening to Mik after cracking his Aces with the Hammer. Now that would be fucking great.


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