Saturday, January 09, 2010

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I thought I'd write a quick post today as I'm tired of clicking on peoples blogs to read their latest post and being hit with only the Pokerstars ad for the blogger game! Yeah,I'm tired,angry ( ok,not really!)and want to read a real post before I crack and call someone a sick disgusting raping beast on Pocket 5's! ( yeah that's actually a compliment in todays kiddie forum speak!)

Last night I'd arranged a sweat session with one of my poker playing mates and we used Teamviewer to allow me to watch him playing on Pokerstars and vice versa.We were both pretty clueless when it came to getting the remote viewing thing working, although I think I missed a trick when asking for his password ( I meant for the teamviewer thing) and he offered his Stars password! I recall then asking for his bank account + pin number but it wasn't forthcoming...

Anyway with our laptops running slower than a week in the jail we found it worked better if he watched me play and I hit up the $16, 9 man turbo games on Stars and the donkery began.I did run into a few beats/coolers as expected, but managed to win three from the ten games played to finish the night in profit.Playing ultra-tight early/aggro loose late on and the joys of Pokertracker 3 + HUD were probably the main talking points.

My mate couldn't believe PT3 was actually legal to use and not banned by the poker sites.The trick is to use PT3 as additional help and not to rely soley on the stats it produces.In all honesty though Sngs ( certainly up to the $33 level I've played) are quite simple games and as bad as it sounds I can watch tv,surf the net and still make money just shoving/folding at the right times late in the game,using mainly the HUD ( Heads up Display) for my reads.

Perhaps that's partly why I don't put in enough volume.Most of my sng decisions are automatic and it's not often I really have to think very deeply about my moves.It's really only when battling other regular players that I need to mix it up on occasion to help balance the ranges they're putting me on.( yeah spite calls are great!)

I hope that doesn't come across as arrogant and certainly I obviously win more paying 100% attention to everything going on at the table, but the winning formula for Sng's just isn't very exciting and as a hobby player I do find motivation hard to come by at times.

Ok,thanks for reading and don't forget to register for tomorrows Bloggerment on Stars...

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