Friday, January 08, 2010

You're still a...

I thought poker players were egotistical until I read a blog post from a World of Warcraft player. What a complete tool.Writing about being overwhelmed by fans in an internet cafe he says ,"but all of them had one thing in common: they were complete scrubs in-game. I don't really mean that in a negative way, either. They all seemed pretty nice and funny, but their characters all seemed like they had just freshly dinged 80, yet they've been playing since the release of Wrath." He seems stunned that these "scrubs" are actually nice people in real life and probably a lot more rounded than he is.

I suppose when it comes to COD:Modern Warfare 2 I'm a bit of a scrub,a tard or a newbie.Yeah it's more fun killing than being killed but hey,it's only a video game and as long as I'm enjoying it I'm going to play.Best not to take it too seriously.....

On the subject of taking things too seriously I thought I'd share the narrative from a high level intellectual debate I had with a fellow Motorstorm player on the PS3 via the message system.

Villain: "Don't attempt to punch me again,I will always win in those situations"

Me: Cock

Villain: You threw the punch,and I still won the race....I'm pretty sure that makes you the cock.

Me: You're still a cock.

End of correspondence!

From the tone of his messages I thought I'd probably insulted a 12yr old kid and felt a bit guilty, but I googled his name and he's actually 24!

To the poker and I played six $22's one Wednesday night without cashing before winning a couple and breaking even overall.Last night I moved to Stars for a change and went 0/3 at the $16's before bed.

I did finally finish the Victoria Coren
book and I'd highly recommend it.I'm going to lend it to my Mum next and hopefully it will inspire her to not be so scared to play live!

Back soon...

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