Saturday, January 23, 2010

PLO Tonight,Bloggy Sunday

I won't make the PLO game tonight as the s-man is coming over for our usual COD:MW2 fest so it looks like I'll need to leave it to PLO King Dudley to take it down again! ( hope ye like the link mate) I have registered for The Bloggerment though and I'm looking forward to the usual Sunday night donkery.( usually from me!)

The back pain I'm suffering from after the accident is really starting to wear me down at times.The pills and weed help but between that and the numb bit on my knee I still don't feel in great physical shape.I'll be watching todays Gers game at this link .( it also shows live English games including todays Burnley v Reading game!)

On the poker front I've only played three turbo sngs since I started playing "Rush Poker" on Full Tilt and I found them quite slow after putting in 5k Rush hands this week.( took 15 hours) One wee tip I'd give is to check the lobby beforehand and make a note of the guys/gals playing 4 tables.If they raise..I fold! Here's how it's going so far.Great for the first 4k hands and not so good over the last 1k.

I usually play 3-4 tables at the $22 turbo sng's and I'm going to try and add a few more using the "stacking" method.The difference this time is that I'm going to keep the same seat on each table and see if that makes multi-tabling easier for me.

Away from the poker Nacho had a shower yesterday ( not keen at all!)and afterwards I dropped him off to spend the weekend with Step A.She has been missing school again and although her Mum is visiting next week for a few days,I don't think she's coping that well with the separation.( and no bloody wonder,she's only 15) I've arranged to take her for a Mc'd's on Tuesday and hopefully I can persuade her to show some ambition and try and work for her upcoming exams.

I'm a huge fan of herbal teas.White tea is my favourite and I've just bitten the bullet and shelled out £5.99 for 15 Silver Needle tea bags as they are supposed to be the best in the world.At that price I hope they're being hand delivered by Billie Piper ( man she looked hot on tv last night).Wot? Pics or gtfo? I've obviously spent too long on the 2+2 forum recently..

One last question for fellow bloggers.I'm sure we all appreciate getting comments.Although I write mainly for myself, it's nice to know people actually take time out of their busy days to read what's on my mind.Originally spam comments were obvious, but I'm getting more from guys like Danny on my last post which seem genuine and actually show he's read my post, however clicking his name still links to some casino/gambling website.Genuine or just a more subtle way of spamming?

Thanks for reading.Back soon....

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At Saturday, 23 January, 2010, Blogger Donkey Face said...


Apologies for being out of touch. When I changed job I think I forgot to put my homepage to the one that lists everyone's blog. SMT.

I read somewhere that the actual Belle Du Jour came out last year. She's from Bristol. Might have to do more late night research!


At Saturday, 23 January, 2010, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Please ignore this comment. I just want to have the email follow up box checked.

At Sunday, 24 January, 2010, Blogger Juice said...

What are you like edge? hey acorn have you finished high explosive on veteran on COD2?

At Sunday, 24 January, 2010, Blogger dD said...

live poker is soooo rigged ! wish i'd stayed at home and played drPauly ffs !
when were spammers ever subtle lol


At Sunday, 24 January, 2010, Blogger dD said...

ha ha excellent link btw !

At Sunday, 24 January, 2010, Blogger Juice said...

Does GTFO mean get the f*ck out?

At Sunday, 24 January, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs DF.Good luck with your research mate!

The special ops Juice? Veteran? Ye having a laugh? I can barely play the campaign mode on Easy!
I'm Stinkyp1nky if you want to add me on the PS3 network...

Yeah right guess for gtfo.You're probably too old for patter like that..

Glad you liked it Dudley.Your spitting image eh...

At Sunday, 24 January, 2010, Blogger dD said...

who won tonights britBlogger .... i've forgotten already .... *)

At Monday, 25 January, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

The records show it was won by some lucksack nut flopping Donkey :-))


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