Monday, January 25, 2010

Dudley Does-Right!

Thanks to all who showed up for this weeks Bloggerment on Stars and well done to me for finally....winning a hand in that game. I managed to finish 2nd,beaten by Dudley, the man with no raise button! Here's a pic of him celebrating his fine win...

Obviously the excitement overwhelmed him in the end though...

After the fun of the Bloggerment I moved to the Rush tables on Full Tilt and decided to try some $100nl 6 max.I almost never take shots ( a $109 sng last year was my sole shot!) and fancied seeing if I could do the degen thing and build a small roll quickly.I built my $100 to $118 and just as I was about to rathole ( take the profit and buy back in for $100) I picked up QQ,got it in preflop v AK and of course the King came on the flop.I rebought ,regrouped and a short time later I managed to win nearly a full buy-in when I flopped a set of Queens v a guy with AQ.I ended up making that my last hand and hitting the sack.

Today my Silver Needles White Tea arrived and what a damn fine brew it is! It tastes fantastic and despite the price,I'll be ordering some more soon.

After brewing up I hit the $22's on Party,managed to play 12 in just over 1 1/2 hrs and made about $100.I assume I must be seen as a regular on there by some as it was quite frustrating to load up 6 tables,start playing on 3 and have nobody join me on the other three.They started yet another table and filled it instead!

Away from the poker I picked Nacho up yesterday from his weekend with Step A and all hell was breaking loose when I arrived.She was swearing and calling her Dad all sorts because he was trying to have a discussion with her mum ( the ex Mrs Acorn) about Step A missing school.It's so tough as Step A is obviously a desperately upset kid without her Mum around, but her Dad ( nice enough bloke but not the sharpest tool in the box) is struggling to stay on top of things.Her Mum is back on Thurs for a few days ( first time she'll have seen Step A since she left for England in Sept) and hopefully she'll sense and either move back here or take the wee one down South with her.I'd hate to see her go ( the wee one) but she can't go on missing school,drinking,ranting at her Dad etc.

After the initial shouting match with her Dad was over I chatted to her as she played COD:MW2 and I've arranged to take her for a Mc'ds tomorrow evening.She's a good kid and teenage stuff is hard enough to deal with as it is without your Mum buggering off to go and live with someone she met on the net.

Righty,the s-man is coming over for some more Modern Warfare tonight.I may also try and make the first Stars Blogger game of the series.

Back soon..

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At Monday, 25 January, 2010, Blogger Nick (Cloud) said...

Hi, I have followed your blog from the start, and I think it is absolutely splendid. Your poker tales make me both laugh and cry, and not a day goes by where I am not checking littleacornman. I would be very honoured if you could participate in a link exchange with my new blog –

At Monday, 25 January, 2010, Blogger Donkey Face said...

What's this white tea stuff?

What's wrong with PG Tips?

At Tuesday, 26 January, 2010, Blogger mrwhatshisface said...

Aye aye, cool blog, I also like poker and a laugh, come visit and vote in my new poll.

At Tuesday, 26 January, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's great you're looking out for Step Acorn, many blokes would have run at the first chace they could. Top bloke.

Hope the injuries are healing well

At Tuesday, 26 January, 2010, Blogger dD said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At Tuesday, 26 January, 2010, Blogger dD said...

did you steal my tartan rug ? bastard !

lmfao not bad fer an auld git missing some buttons !

(word ver - "forkism" - now that really should be a word ! )

At Friday, 29 January, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Looks genuine to me.Thanks for the glowing unique comments re my blog.Happy to swap links...

PG Tips Mr E? Wot? Join the White Tea revolution!

Thanks Pud.I'm not that unselfish.I've already made Step A promise to visit me in my nursing home when I'm older!!( about dd'd age)

Dd: Did you win something mate? Seems like so long ago now! hehe

At Saturday, 30 January, 2010, Anonymous Ben said...

Haha brilliant pics - had me laughing out loud and damn near spilled my coffee over my keyboard.

Hate people like that!


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