Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rangers lead the way

Congrats to Bullmeister on taking down The Bloggerment last Sunday.With only a four registered at 8.45pm I was worried it was going to be a washout, but we got 14 runners in the end and it was good to see a few old faces in the game too.

I've played far more Modern Warfare 2 than poker over the last few months ( k/d now at .87!) At Party I'm up about $700 over 532 games since the end of October and I'm still up a few hundred at Rush poker on FT.When I signed up for FT it was on the refer a friend deal which meant my mate Al Eleven got a $25 bonus.I don't get rakeback and it's quite tilting to see I've paid over $300 in rake so far without getting a penny ( or a dime!) back.For that reason I've been mainly hitting up the Party sngs, although I was annoyed at myself for missing out on clearing a $50 bonus by just a few points when I didn't realise the bonus clearance time was due to expire.

Away from the poker and MW2 I've been keeping myself busy reading books and watching football.I was a bit disappointed with Tony Parsons latest offering as it was nowhere near as good as "Man and Boy","Man and Wife" or "One for my Baby".I'm currently enjoying Alexandra Horiwitz's "Inside of a dog" although I'm no nearer discovering why Nacho doesn't get bored of chasing the same old ball,day after day!

I've also ordered "Sexy Beast","Oldboy" and "Harold and Maude" from Amazon and still have most of "Prison Break" and all of series one of "The Wire" to watch.Of course first of all I'll need to tear myself away from spending 10 hours per day on the getonmyhorse website!

Time for a quick whinge about the latest forum speak trend.If the thread is asking peoples favourite colour it now seems mandatory to add the word "though" after your reply for no apparent reason.If I see another reply like "blue,though" I'll...tut very loudly!The comma after "blue" just tilts me even more! This is despite my own poor comma placement in most posts.( and my overuse of annoying brackets)

The Gers are on tv tonight and the s-man is also popping over for some MW2 action.My team are still 10 points clear at the top of the league and hopefully having Boyd back in the team can drive us on to the title.

Ok,I have to go.The enemy UAV is online...

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