Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday update

My manager called me today to say to expect a "harsh" letter and not to be overly worried.It's probably because for now I've knocked back the Occupational Health offer from my work to get their Doc to check me out.My own Doc is chasing up the scan for my back and I'm getting physio so I think seeing any other Doc would be a waste of time.I'll see how I feel this time next week and if I'm going to be off any longer I'll agree to meet with the company Doc.

I was too tired to hit the tables last night after a late one on Sat night and getting up to watch the Burnley v Rovers derby.Was it a penalty? No,ney,never! ( or something like that!)

Roll on the new map pack being released for Modern Warfare 2 as I'm getting a bit sick of playing the same old ones.The s-man will be round this evening for some more run and gun shenanigans.

My biggest poker problem for now is still laziness, although I have put in a few thousand more break even Rush hands since my last post.Turbo sngs are still my main game, but it's fun donk leading into preflop raisers and then bluff firing on the turn and river to take down a pot at Rush.I like using the HUD to 3-bet late position openers and generally being more creative than sngs usually permit.

I've just played a set of nine $6.50,45 player turbo's and they really are soft as hell.I managed to cash in two of them for a $32 profit and either later tonight or tomorrow I'm going to try and push myself to put in at least a few sets as volume is the only way to make money in sng's.

Back soon..


At Wednesday, 31 March, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be the time of year mate, I can't find much motivation at the moment to play! We must have the poker equiv of SAD's!! SAPD, Seasonal acute poker depression! :o)

Hope your up and about soon!

At Wednesday, 31 March, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

lol Dr DOV is spot on I think!


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