Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let's all laugh at Celtc...

The disappointment I felt when Dundee United scored a last minute goal to end our Treble bid on Wednesday night was short lived as our bitter rivals were getting humiliated 4-0 in the league at the same time.Their result leaves us 10 points clear with two games in hand and should just about wrap up our 53rd SPL title.So much for these pathetic pre-season predictions from Scottish football journos.

I don't usually bet on horses but Rich reckons Harrison George is a top tip to do well in the 3.10 at Doncaster this afternoon and I've stuck £10 each way on it.It'll probably still be running when you're reading this post...

On the poker front I've played a few $22's at Party and run hot and cold at Rush poker on Full Tilt since my last post.I did take a shot at a $55 tubro yesterday and began it by losing a ton of chips with JJ v QQ.(although at lower stakes I'd probably have tried to get it all in preflop with the Jacks).I managed to fight my way back from that setback and eventually got heads up just as the s-man arrived for another marathon Modern Warfare 2 session.

The villain and I were about even in stacks when I picked up Aces v QQ and with my mind racing ahead to that lovely "You finished in first place and won $248" pop-up,I almost failed to notice the Queen on the turn and another Queen falling on the river just to rub it in! Thankfully I picked up a few hands,got lucky too and it wasn't long before I had the big stack and was able to finish the villain off.

I'm well aware the regardless of the actual result, a return of investment of 5-10% is pretty decent at the $55's and if I played them more often there would be plenty of standard 20 buy-in ( over $1k!) downswings to deal with.At the $22's I don't get too excited about winning or losing a couple of hundred Dollars over a session, but I have to say I did managed a fist pump when I took that $55 down.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon..


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