Friday, March 12, 2010

Take No Prisoners

We had less than a full table turn out for The Bloggerment last Sunday and if the numbers don't improve this week I think it's time to return the tourney to cold storage or look at making it a monthly game.Well done to Bully for taking it down and preventing Gorvacofin winning it for the 18th week in a row...

No posts this week so far as I've played very little poker and a lot more Modern Warfare 2 online.It was great to party up with some 2+2 guys last night and get into some Domination,Sabotage etc instead of the Team Deathmatches I usually play.I don't think I let the team down too badly until the last game ( about 2.30am) by which point I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

I did get over to the s-mans on Tuesday night and had a fine evening however it's a little disheartening that the lump on my back hurt so much afterwards.Last night I headed over to pick Step A up but she'd forgotten we were going out for a Mc'ds and we've rearranged it for tonight.She's also apparently had her snakebite lip piercing done.Her Dad explained that Step A had a "friend" lined up to do the piercing if she wasn't allowed to get it done.Hmmmm!

Anyway the plan for the weekend is to play some MW2 tonight and hopefully catch up with the San Jose Salmon ( now the Connecticut Cod) tomorrow night as he's home on a short visit.

Hopefully I'll also have some poker to post about too shortly!

Back soon..


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