Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Champions again ole ole!

When my cousin Two Pies called yesterday it was no great surprise as I have Sky sports and I thought he'd be looking to come over and watch the the last Old Firm game of the season.In fact he'd actually managed to get a couple of tickets for the title winning party in the Rangers end.The league title was wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and for once nobody really cared about the result."We're only here for the party"...

We lost 2-1, but even when they scored their second goal the party atmosphere in the Gers end continued as we out sung and out partied our rivals for the whole 90 mins.The footage posted above was taken by a guy in the same area we were in and gives some idea of what a great night it was.They had a cheek singing their "faithful fru and fru" song near the end considering their pathetic home attendances recently and they were swiftly reminded that "You couldn't sell all your tickets" and that they'd "Only come to see the Rangers"! Good times.

I didn't play any poker on Monday and two $22's without cashing were enough for me last night before I played a little Modern Warfare 2.KK was busted by J9 early in my first sng, but in truth it was my own fault as it was obvious the villain was drawing on the flop and by the river there wasn't much I could beat.In the second game a villain shoved for just under 10bb ( 1960 in chips with blinds at 100/200) and I called with AK expecting him to show up with a worse Ace much of the time as people rarely shove AA/KK in that spot.Of course he did have Aces and that was that for the night.

Today's plan is to call my boss in a moment to get arrangements in place for going back next week,hopefully get the new maps downloaded for MW2 this afternoon and I'm taking Step A for a Mc'ds later.

Back soon...


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