Monday, May 03, 2010

Mon Update

My visit to the company Doctor went well on Friday, although it was probably made easier as I made it clear I'm looking to get back to work next week.He said he'll recommend alternate half days for the first couple of weeks.The plan is to speak to the HR team tomorrow or Wed and try and get something sorted.I may even ask if I can take a weeks annual leave next week before going back.( at least I'd be back on full pay!)

On the poker front I'm exactly $1 down on the Party total I posted last Thursday, although I did earn enough points to buy a $350 bonus which I'm now trying to clear.I've played about 4-5 $55's since Thursday and I've not found them much tougher than some of the reg infested $22's.The play may not be great, but I really am wondering if I used up my quota of luck last November when I wrote off my car as I just can't seem to make anything stick at the tables.I'll spare you the beats and suckouts, but after aprox 600 break even sngs it's probably no wonder I've played so much Modern Warfare 2 recently and cut back on the poker.

Due to running like crap I've not really felt like playing $55's, but as I'd posted here that I was taking a shot and people had kindly wished me luck I did play some as mentioned above.In light of me sticking to my word when I post it here, I also intend making a lifestyle change when I get back to work.Regular readers will know I much prefer a smoke to a drink and I probably possess the healthiest liver in Scotland! My last alcoholic drink was a beer to welcome in the 2010.

I do however smoke too much and from next week I will be saving my weed smoking for the weekend.I do find life a bit of a boring grind at times ( and then feel bad because I have it so easy compared to so many others in the world) and have no idea how I'll ever fall asleep at night, but cutting back on da smoking is long overdue and I'm going to give it a go.

Plans for this week? Well the s-man is coming over tonight,my new leather reclining settee arrives tomorrow and the Champions play the chumps tomorrow night at the Piggery in the last Old Firm game of the season.I wonder if the celtc players will applaud the Champions onto the field...

Back soon...


At Tuesday, 04 May, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you been off work with the injuries from the crash Mr Acorn? I've been lazy with reading blogs this past couple of months so I'm out of the loop a tad.

Hope all's getting better and gl with cutting back on the smoking, I need to do the same!

At Wednesday, 05 May, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Pud.Yeah I've been off since the accident mate.About time I went back!


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