Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just Another Post Fae a Radge Weegie!

Truth be told I've had a bit of an up and down time since my last post.Things have been getting pretty stressful at work and I've been feeling a bit bored and restless by life in general too.

My poker shot taking has come to an end after another horrible run at the tables, although in truth unless I had hit a nice heater it was always going to end with me depositing some of the money I cashed out of Party Poker recently.I put in $300 of that $600 cashout and hopefully I can build my roll back up over the coming months.

Looking back at my Mtt playing over the last few months I don't have many regrets.As a relative Mtt newbie I could perhaps have stuck to four tabling instead of going for more volume.I could have learned to 3 and 4 bet light earlier and on nights like last Friday I could have taken more time to warm up before jumping in and playing like a donkey for the first couple of hours of my session.

The plan now is to play $8 180 player turbos with some $15's thrown in.I'll also play some of the 18 player turbo's I use to play a few years ago.I do feel a bit sad that it took me so many years to discover I love playing Mtt's and even sadder that it's more than possible that I'm just an Mtt fish( although my sample size is still so small I'll keep blaming variance for the most part!)

Still up lifetime in Mtt's thanks to a decent cash back in '08 but it's not been pretty this year!

As well as the usual poker,Call of Duty and football watching I've also just finished the latest Irvine Welsh book "Skagboys" and it's been the first book I've read in a while that I've barely been able to put down.It's the prequel to "Trainspotting" and I loved reading the back stories of Rents,Sickboy,Begbie and co.Definitely Welsh's best book for a long time.

I'm on to "Before I go to Sleep" now and it's pretty gripping so far too.

Right before I send any more readers to sleep I'll put this posting to bed.Thanks for reading.



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