Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Know What I Mean...

Like Rosie I'm still waiting for good karma to come my way after the good deed I wrote about in my last post.

When I started this blog ( seven years ago this month and that's all I'm saying about that)I came up with the stupid Acorn name after a few smokes as I hoped to grow my poker game into some mighty oak of success.At one point I did consider quitting my job and grinding sng's fulltime but the lack of future security and the monotony of what is basically a data entry job mashing buttons all day on my own put me off that idea.

I quit smoking weed during the week when I went back to work fulltime in May 2010 after my car accident and poker went back to being a weekend hobby rather than an every night obsession.I liked making a few hundred dollars per month profit playing sng's but with a small mortgage and no debts the urge to play 8 sng tables on auto-pilot became less and less and I just wasn't getting much pleasure from the game.

A few months ago I decided to give Mtt's a real go and to relax the nitty bankroll management I've employed since I began playing online.It's been a weird experience because I've managed to reduce my $4k roll to just over $750 and yet I've had more fun and enjoyment playing Mtt's than I ever did playing sng's like a robot.( apart from the heartbreaking exit hands)

I'm making plenty of deep runs which is apparently a good sign but I just can't seem to bink the decent score I need to boost my roll.I do still have the $600 I cashed out in a huff ( after they charged me an inactivity fee) from Party and it's looking like I'll need to stick it on Stars soon.My plan is to keep at the Mtt's and if I drop below $200 I'll deposit the extra $600 and move to $8,180 player turbo's and try and rebuild that way.I can play 8-10 at a time and giving myself 100 buy-ins is far more sensible than buying in for aprox 21 tourneys adding up to $400-$500 each Fri/Sat night.

Away from the poker there's not much going on really apart from me noticing the world seems to be full of Frank Bruno's.The ex boxers catchphrase when being interviewed by the late Harry Carpenter after fights was "Know what I mean 'Arry" and lately it seems everyone is saying it.( well without the 'Arry bit!) Does my nut in!

Oh and I don't know what the fuss is about the Carol Tevez banner.It looks just fine to me...



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