Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sweet Little Lie

After posting that I was giving up on Mtt's for just now I sat down after dinner last night,fired up Pokerstars and registered for some.....Mtt's!

I registered for far less games than I normally do and left out the hyper turbos altogether.Aside from the hot $44 Turbo I also gave the higher buy-ins a miss and played a few more slow speed Mtt's too.

Although I watched The Apprentice and a bit of "The Big Game" that was when I was four tabling and when I started building stacks in a few of the games and more tables opened, the tv went off and I tried to focus on my tables.Playing less tables and paying more attention meant I could check my Hud stats for "fold to 3 bet" and other stats that helped me decide when to make moves.

I just missed out on the final table of a $5 Knock Out tourney ( 12th from 806 runners) and came 25th from 1000 starters in another wee $5 slow speed game too.Although I felt I was actually running quite well, winning the really key hands still seemed beyond me at that point.

I was still going well in the $8,$10k Gtd ( 1463 starters) though and after over 5 1/2 hrs of play I made the final table.I was the shortstack but I still had over 10 big blinds and with less pressure from the clock ( 10 min blind levels)I still had room to make moves and add to my stack.I'd love to do a proper final table write up but it was a long game and I smoked an awful lot of joints so all I really remember is getting down to the final three and hoping for some luck as I had a tiny stack compared to the other two players.

I did manage a double up ( gave me aprox 600k to 1.2 and 2.4ish)and when the guy in 2nd place raised again preflop I shoved with A7 and his 66 held to send me to the rail in the 3rd place which was good for a $1161 cash.

While it was great to cash I genuinely didn't feel any great excitement.I'd played well but I'd also run well too and as the latter is beyond my control there's no need to get carried away.I feel the same after losing sessions too and while it did cross my mind that I could have cashed out my whole roll when I had $4k and gone to Amsterdam for my summer hols I never lost any sleep over that bad run.I knew I was taking shots and while it's possible to get lucky there was more than a decent chance of busting.

Tonights plan is to try and repeat last night! Less tables,more focus and no constant lobby checking to see where I am in the field.

Back soon...

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At Friday, 01 June, 2012, Blogger dD said...

nice score .. i see you're still telling fibs as of tonight ???? lmfao
gl bro :)

At Saturday, 02 June, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Ha,yeah back at the Mtt's mate.Gotta bleed my bankroll dry somehow!

Gl with the 4 card bingo!


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