Saturday, June 09, 2012

Time to Relax....

The four days I had off work for the Jubilee celebrations calmed my stress levels down somewhat and finding out my manager has gone in for a last minute minor operation she's been waiting on and won't be back for 4-6 weeks also cheered me up ,although her replacement is as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.I finished up yesterday for two weeks and I walked out the building with a spring in my step, looking forward to my well earned break.

Step A was over on Wed night and I did consider asking her if she wanted to stay in my flat and look after Nacho for a couple of nights so I could get away somewhere for a change of scenery, but although she's a good kid ( she's 18 in August)I think I'd still be worrying about having a flat to come back to if I chose that option!

After the Mtt cash I posted about last week it's been all downhill since then and I appear to be stuck in another of those runs where I can't get a hand to hold up or win a flip when it counts.

I've written that I enjoy playing Mtt's even when running like crap but last night really tested that theory.Everton Yorkie started a thread on Raisetheriver asking how people review their Mtt hand histories and I nearly replied to say my reviews tend to consist of looking at my exit hands the next day and thinking "Yeah I was fuckin' robbed again".

After crashing out of most of the Mtt's I was in last night I had built a big stack in a $16.50,$25k gtd turbo and was a top 20 stack with 168 left ( just in the money).After having countless premium hands busted all night I really thought that game could have been the one to help get things moving in the right direction again.That was until I 3-bet an early position raiser with two black Aces,he flat called and the rest of the money went in on an all diamond board.I expected him to have at least a flush draw but no,his Ad8d had flopped the nuts at odds of over 120-1 and I was screwed again.That really stung!

Even when I wasn't getting tortured by the deck at showdown it was just one of those nights when every c-bet I made was reraised when I had nothing and everytime I did have it they folded or sucked out on me.

Ahh well once again I'm down to the barebones of a bankroll,although I do still have some Party Poker cashout money sitting in my bank account.If I burn through that too I have a decision to make.I do have enough spare cash to put more in but I've been fortunate enough over my 7 years of online poker play to have never needed to do that and just the thought of it makes me feel a bit grubby.

The last time I added some Party money to my Stars account the software asked me if I wanted to add an "instant deposit" button to my tables and for a second I felt a bit guilty about all the losing ,gambling addicted players who use that option to stay in the games and keep donating their money to me.

If I do blow through my remaining roll and Party money I'll probably back myself with a couple more deposits before going back to sng's and grinding my roll back up if that doesn't work.

I do also plan on playing some live poker during over the next two weeks although my local casino offering a "re-register within the first hour" option on most of their tourneys does put me off a bit as I'd imagine they'd play a bit more like rebuy games and I generally stay away from them.

Unless I have anything decent to report from my online/live games I'm going to take a wee break from the blog over the next couple of weeks.

Time to relax...



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