Saturday, September 01, 2012

100% Effective and Fast Technique....

to make any lady wet.I had a quick check of my spam emails and found that cracker.I didn't open it as I know the answer will be "spend a summer in Glasgow". Apparently this is the wettest summer since 1912!

No posts over the last week or so because the poker had been more of the same,making deep runs occasionally but ultimately getting nowhere.I've cut down the number of $44 and $55 tourneys I've been playing to try and avoid busting my roll, but I did manage a 112th place finish in the Big $55 ( $160 Gtd) for just over $200 and last night I boosted my roll by coming 8th in the $44,$25k Gtd Turbo for $886.

It's hard to keep the faith sometimes playing Mtt's, as telling myself to keep plugging away and the big/decent score will come is the same kind of talk addicted gamblers use when playing casino games etc.Poker is different, although I think I'm beginning to appreciate just how lucky I need to run to hit a decent score and how rare those good runs of luck are.Of course that's why boring old bankroll management should be a top priority for pro players.I'm certainly not a Pro though so I'm going to keep playing a bit higher ( yeah maaaaan) than I should just for the fun of it.

I feel I played well in that $44 game last night but I also ran well too and although I don't remember sucking out very often I was on the right side of a few big hand v big hand situations and when I checked my stats just before the final table I'd won 7/8 pots at showdown.Even if those 8 showdown pots had all been AA v 72 winning seven must still be lucky despite the natural urge to feel that winning every one of those hands is just the way it should be!

I also won a ton of hands without showdown and that's where the skill edge comes into play in poker.Through watching Mtt training vids I'm also learning to look for spots more often and not to just rely on getting value from my big hands.It's a lot more satisfying inducing someone to make a spewy squeeze play when I have the nuts or 4-betting with rags and taking it down when I know the villains are weak than it ever was playing push/fold poker in Sit and go games.

Away from the poker I've been taken off the "coaching plan" I was on at work which is a bit of a relief because while they pretend "performance management" is about helping staff achieve impossible targets, the bottom line is that it can mean only months between being a hard working employee and being out the door.It kind of goes against my instincts to skim the complaints I deal with and throw more money at them than I think is right but that's how the few folk hitting the closure target do it and you can't pay the mortgage with "good instincts"!

I'm up to episode 5 of the second series of the brilliant "Breaking Bad" and thanks to Juice's recent comment on my blog ,I've also just bought the first series of "Dexter" and "Sons of Anarchy".I'm off work for two weeks from next Friday so they should keep me busy.Looking forward to taking Nacho up to see the Big Chap too and hopefully catching up with the s-man and other friends.

With the 2+2 Pokercast taking a break last week I tried a couple of new pods this week."The Brit and the American" is quite amusing although it mainly got me hooked due to the posh English Brit woman and her sexy voice.( I'm a sucker for English women with posh accents as some readers may know!)I did find their webpage after listening to a few episodes and having discovered the hot sounding English burd has ( as the Big Chap would say) seen a few frosty mornings, I'm not as keen to download any more of their shows!

Having seen the link I posted to the brilliant 50 Shades of Glasgow twitter page,my cousin Two Pies sent me this pic.50 Shades of Grey for men....

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