Monday, August 28, 2006

Slow starter + Alfa back

After Saturdays poker marathon I didn't start playing till after 10pm on Sunday when I played a £3 sng at Inter and found myself wih 20 chips left after only a few hands after another suckout.It would have been a much better story if I'd actually made the money but I did manage to mount a comeback,only to go out on the bubble.Joined MiasDad for a couple of $5 sng's at Pokerroom and managed to win one and get third in the other which means I'm 4/4 In The Money after my 0/10 nightmare Saturday.

Played a little 6 max at Laddys afterwards and nearly tilted after accidentally folding QQ preflop when it had been folded round to me in the sb.I was just considering how much to raise when my cards folded themselves.Ok ,that's not quite true but nobody told me that when you use a laptop and touch the mouse pad ,that pushes the return key!I was very careful not to hover over the action buttons after that especially as I'd made a couple of minimum raises in the sngs by mistake too.
A new way to mix up my game a bit maybe...

The S-man was over last night and as if by magic has sorted my laptop so I can now run Pokertracker with Gametime + on it! I only started using GT+ a few months back and have realy missed it over the last couple of weeks.It's not a substitute for paying attention at the tables but it's a huge help ,espcially if playing more than one table.S-man also helped get my old pc working but it seems to be back in an uncooperative mood again tonight.

I only played one sng last night and came 6th before opting for an early night and going to bed around 12.30am.I think after the weekend I needed a wee break and a good sleep.

I've mentioned before in this space that I hate starting to play poker and usually mess about lots first before sitting down at a table to actually play.I get annoyed with myself because once I've been in a game while ,I feel as though I could play forever.I thought I just needed to warm up my tiny poker brain but on reflection I think there are a couple of reasons.Number 1 is that I'm happy to admit I'm a lazy git and I just want to sit down and start crushing the table I'm at, without taking the time to get to know the table and how everyone at it plays.I also play slightly differently depending on how long I intend to be at my cash table.In a short session I want to "give action to get action" and for a long session I want the table thinking I'm tight so I can steal more pots.I also find it hard to guage when I'm on my best game and when I'm just playing because it's there to be played and I never seem to know which mood I'm in until I get started.

Finally got my car back sorted today.The mot is done and for my own records the recent work includes a full new exhaust,2 front tyres,new handbrake cable,full service and new Air flow sensor.It has been a bit sticky when accelerating at the top end for ages now and although I'm annoyed that no garage until now worked out it was the air flow thingy,I'm just delighted to get it back and have it running like new.

I got the car sorted,arrived home and found poor Mrs A had been to hospital to get her finger stitched after crushing it when our loft ladder swung in and trapped it.Ouch indeed! She's ok thankfully but the breaking news tonight is that I may have to make my own sandwiches for lunch tomorrow! ( I've forgiven her though.hehe)

Ok,I'm off to fetch Mrs A whatever she need then hit up a game....


At Tuesday, 29 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to help...i'll invoice you for my services (i charge £500 per day, but i'll still be cheaper than your Alfa)!

I think that maybe your big PC just likes me better..

Understandable, really :-)

At Wednesday, 30 August, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

For £500 per day I want it fixed properly! Do you have a complaints dept?!

Catch you again soon mate..


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