Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday stats

Football first and Rangers drew 2-2 with Kilmarnock today after losing a dodgy last minute penalty.I was a the game and The Gers played some nice stuff ( 2 goals from Boyd again) but still missed too many chances.EK Thistle won their first home game in the Superfirst division,beating The Gow 4-2 to continue the fine start to the season.

On the poker front I only played a little yesterday between 4pm and 6am! I began by going on the worst sng run I've ever been on when I went 0/10 ,mainly playing £5,£10 and one nightmare £20 game.I'm not adverse to playing £20 sng's but playing one on the back of three bubbled sng's in a row was just plain wrong.Inter sng's only start with 1000 chips and I'd frittered way 1/3 of them on semi-tilt mode before getting my head right.Folding a gutshot in that £20 sng ( which hit on the river for a huge pot) was probably the trigger.

I was down $100 and feeling like I'd never win another sng when I finally came 2nd in a £10 game and made a little back.Joined Rottie,Juice and Mr Edge for a couple of sng's ( one at Laddys) and made the money in them too before leaving for the 6 max cash tables where I started by losing nearly a buyin after a couple of nasty ones.I opened a $100 6 max table and had it running alongside a $50nl 6 max and $50 nl full ring table and I have to say that what's lost in player reads is made up for in having much less emotional involvement in each individual game.I did miss my PT and GT+ but the fish were so obvious at all my tables,I could spot 'em without any added software.

I did mean to write down details of some of my more interesting hands but between playing 2-3 tables,smokin' my head off and listening to my Dylan and Paul Simon stuff ,I never got the chance.

I did give a lot of thought to a hand where I raised with AQ ( loose 6 max $50nl),the flop came a Queen high ragged rainbow and instead of the villian "checking to the raiser",he led out with a 2/3 pot sizebet which I flat called.He was a loose calling station and I felt I probably had the best hand and that the villain had either KQ,QJ or had paired another part of the board with a decent kicker.He did have QJ and caught his J on the turn and I was annoyed with myself for not reraising his flop bet at first.At Laddys the cards are determined before the hand is played and if he hadn't hit his Jack then he would have bet into me on the turn and river with the 2nd best hand and I'd have won a big pot because he would have called my river value bet.A reraise on the flop wouldn't have scared him off anyway so maybe I didn't play it so badly.( apart from calling him down when he hit one of the hands I put him on!)

Stats for the week are : Ladbrokes $1509, Inter $548 Pokerroom $1033.Total $3090 ( - $75 for week).

I'm quite please I managed to turn my week at Laddys round and turn a profit but obviously not happy at being down overall.I'm wondering if I should separate my sng and cash results but it's all just poker bankroll I suppose so there's no real need for that.I did kind of start the charity challenge but decided after my sngs run that the best idea is to separate that $70.I'm keen on Sun poker but they are reducing the bonus requirement from Sept and I'm loathe to put $$ in now if it'll be easier to clear in a week.My pokerroom account total is actually $1103 including the extra $70 ( my share of the S-mans generous donation).

Ok,just ordered Chicken Balti for Mrs A and I.I'm off to collect it...


At Monday, 28 August, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

bet you wished Arse had taken Naismith a week earlier for his trial ;-)

At Monday, 28 August, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

We already bought Kilmarnocks best striker,Kris Boyd.You're welcome to the leftovers!

At Tuesday, 29 August, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

and to think that Le Guen didnt rate him at the start of the season. the Newspaper says that boyd is good at what he does but his he needs to link up better with his teammates? what you think.

At Tuesday, 29 August, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Le Guen never said he didn't rate Boyd,only that he needs to improve the rest of his game.Just now all he does is score goals....

At Tuesday, 29 August, 2006, Blogger Juice said...


but thats the beuty of wenger. He takes ugly ducks and turns them into swans. Look at Henry, or vierra. :-)

perhaps Naismith will be the same


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