Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bloggerment open for reg...

I think my laptop must be on it's way out as it won't even let me post The Bloggerment banner without freezing up.Find it under the private tourneys tab on Stars starting at 9pm UK time on Sunday.Password is "donkament" and the game is open to all bloggers,readers,Raise the River forum members +lurkers!

To the poker and I posted on April 29th that my Party roll was sitting at $1576.Since then it's been more of the same old sick variance crap and at one point I was down as low as $1165.Last night I was over at the s-mans to try and help him improve his kill/death ratio on Modern Warfare 2 and I fired up three games before bed when I got home.I took down a $33 and grabbed 2nd in a $55 to leave my roll sitting at $1579.I suppose I should take heart from breaking even over the last couple of weeks after my recent run.

Righty,thanks for reading.Back soon..


At Saturday, 15 May, 2010, Blogger _Kronsdat said...

Hi Zag

I've just finished reading Hilger's "The Poker Mindset" and I strongly recommmend it, particularly with regard to variance, bad beats and tilt.

Run good!

At Monday, 17 May, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Krons,I've not read that one yet.I have run better since you're comment so feel free to comment again soon :-)


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