Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sat Update

I spoke to my boss on Wednesday about returning to work and expected to hear from her again by yesterday as I've now received the letter from the company Doc recommending I start back working alternate half days followed by alternate full days in a week or so.I also asked about using up some of my annual leave before I go back to avoid being back for a few weeks and then being off again.I'll call my work again on Mon morning and either be ready to go in on Mon afternoon or book another Docs appointment to get a line for next week.

Step A and I went for a Mcd's last night.She told me on the phone earlier in the week that she's now officially left school ( she's not 16 until Aug)and that due to her truancy record the school wouldn't allow her to stay on.She says she wants to go into hairdressing so I called a local salon and discovered that they ( and others in the area) are taking on modern apprentices.The pay is only £75 per week, but that does include putting the apprentices through college.I explained to Step A that school would be a walk in the park compared to working fulltime as a hairdressing junior, but she seems quite keen and I've agreed to take her round a couple of salons next week.

There was a new map pack released for Modern Warfare 2 this week so I've not played a ton of poker.I'm still having my worst 6 months of poker in profit terms since I began playing and although that's partly due to low volume, ( I'd usually have played about 2.5k games instead of 500-600) it's hard to find the motivation to play when I still can't win a flip or get a hand to hold.I did manage to make $150 over 6 games last night and I do still believe that this nasty run of luck cannot continue forever.I did cash in the one $55 I've played since my last post ( obv AQ lost to K8 when HU with even stacks) but won't be playing too many more until I have regained my poker mojo!

I read a post someone wrote on a forum comparing poker to fishing and other hobbies where people are happy to spend some of their income on it every month.Personally I think poker is such a tough game mentally that there's no way I'd simply play for pleasure if I wasn't winning overall.

Right enough tired witterings.Back soon...



At Saturday, 08 May, 2010, Blogger $1000 Man! said...

You'll come good again soon, u have a track record of making poker succesfull, its just a bad run of variance and maybe a little confidence drop, could be worse, you could support Celtic!

At Thursday, 13 May, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers $1k man! Hope you're right.

Donnie:Thanks for the spam links! At least you're reading my posts I suppose.


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