Wednesday, June 09, 2010


With my Party roll sitting at only $90, it only took a few more beats and suckouts to go busto there.No disrespect to those who play the game for fun and don't care about winning, but I felt a bit grubby about having to dig into my herbal fund to deposit £80.( $112)

I only played three more $22's after that deposit and the good news is that I managed to win them all,cashed out $115 and now have just over 10 buy-ins ( $232) to play with.I don't usually get excited about winning sng's, but after my recent run I don't mind admitting I did the old fist pump and high-fived the dog after taking the last game down.

With just over 10 buy-ins I could easily bust again on Party playing $22's so watch this space! I do respect the players who grind out $5 sngs or cash games below $25 nl on a small bankroll, but I'd rather take a few chances and be able to play at a level where I can make meaningful profits.( even if that's only a few hundred $$ per month) Hopefully I can keep up the run good and build on that wee run.

That 3 in a row came late on Monday night and I decided to take a break from the tables yesterday to play more Call of Duty and read a book instead.This was of course during the breaks I took from answering the door to women lusting after my new Desperate Dan chin.Thankfully the magnesium sulphate seems to have helped and it looks like I can avoid a painful chin amputation!

Back soon...


At Thursday, 10 June, 2010, Blogger dD said...

i almost called the NFWS .... thought you said you fist pumped the dog ....



At Friday, 11 June, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Nurse!! New glasses for Dudley required!


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