Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tl;DR Run Bad Post

Too Long;Didn't Read is an acronym the forum kiddies use for any post over a paragraph long, but it will certainly apply to this post! Feel free to skip onto your next blog of choice as the only purpose of this post is relieve some of the poker frustration that's been building for months.Considering I only lost 3 buy-ins this is actually one of my better nights at the felt recently!

After losing the seven buy-ins at $22 I mentioned in my last post,I duly stepped down to the $11's and here's what happened.

Game One. 3rd place! Shoved AK,called by 68c.Board 2c 6d 7s 8d Ac

Game Two:10th place: All in preflop with KK v AK.Board Tc 4h Ts Ah 5s

Game Three:8th place:Raised QQ to 4bb over a limper.Limper calls with 6d10d and shoves on flop of 5d, 4s, Th.I snap call.Turn is 10c and the Ace on the river
doesn't help.

Game 4:6th place: I call a shove with 77 v a loose donkey.He shows Qc 6d.Board Tc 9h Qd 2s 8d

Game 5: 1st place.Wheeee.Perhaps I can build from here...

Game 6: 4th place:Shove A8 from the cut-off on the bubble.Button wakes up with me.

Game 7:10th place:Get it all in preflop with AK v KK.No miracle Ace for me.

Game 8:2nd place: Heads Up is always a bit of crapshoot so it was no surprise to see my A6 fall to J3 at the end.

Game 9: 6th place:Shove 1010 from the button.Big blind calls with QQ.

Game 10:5th place:With blinds at 200/400 I shoved Ad7d over a limper.He folds but another villain wakes up with AK and it's gg me.

Game 11:9th place:AK all in preflop v KJ.Board 9s Jh Jd 7s 9h

Game 12: 5th place:AK all in preflop v Qs9s.Board Ad 7s Qd 7h 9h Nice river...

Game 13:1st place.Wheeee!

Game 14:6th place:Shoved 1010.Called by AK and 55.Board 3h 9d Ah 2c 6s

Game 15:6th place:At 200/400 one fish limps.The small blind completes and I check in the big blind.Flop comes 4d, 9s, 4h .I lead out and I'm priced in to call a reraise from the small blind who has A4.

Game 16:5th place: At 200/400 I shove over a raise with JJ.Called by AQ.Board Qh 8c 9d 2h 5h

Game 17:5th place: JJ v 66 all in at 200/400.Surely this time! Board Qh 6d Qd Kc 9d

Game 18:1st place.Wheeeee

Game 19:7th place:I've been blinded down to 1400 and haven't played a hand.A fish limps and I shove from the button with 6c8c.Small blind wakes up with KK and although the limping fish folded as expected it's gg me.

Game 20:7th place:Screwed this one up.Easy fold.Shoved AJ from utg+1 for 10 big blinds.Button calls with me.

Not up to much this weekend.The sun is out so I'm about to take Nacho a long walk,organise dinner and then play some MW2 and poker.

I've also ordered "Falling Down" from Amazon for my Dad who hasn't seen it.This is my favourite scene from that classic movie.


At Saturday, 05 June, 2010, Blogger EvertonYorkie said...

Play more CoD

At Sunday, 06 June, 2010, Anonymous James R said...

Great clip! Michael Douglas is excellent in that film. Love the line "Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture?"

At Monday, 07 June, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Going to get on the CoD soon.Been throwing myself into trying to rebuild my poker roll so not been on so much.


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