Monday, May 17, 2010


As a daily weed smoker for nearly 20 years I was quite pleased that I resisted yesterday and woke up feeling quite fresh for my return to work today.I did however smoke a ton of cigs and even had my first beer of the year after donking out of The Bloggerment last night.I do love weed, but even after getting 9 hours sleep I was finding it was still taking me far too long to waken up properly the next day and I could sense that the heavy smoking wasn't doing my mental health much good either.

Anyway I made it in to work for the 1pm meeting with my manager and a Health rep.It was good to catch up with a few workmates and I fully expected to be back working this week.Well apparently my system access wont be sorted until Friday so my manager has arranged for my return to start next Monday! ( 10am-2pm) I'm not sure if I'm back on full pay ( been on half pay after 6 months off) but I wont be asking the Doc for a sickline for this week as I've made myself available to work and it's not my fault new system access is going to take so long.I suppose another week off before starting back on alternate half days is a bit of a result so I shouldn't complain!

On the poker front I've managed to win a couple of hundred dollars since my last post and I'm hoping the worst run I've had in poker has finally come to an end.I hit the tables on Sat night and was delighted to see the weekend poker donks were out in force and ready to spew off their stacks.The only adjustment I made was to raise 4bb preflop with some hands as my standard 3bb raise seemed to tempt the whole table into calling!

When you see players limp in with Q2 from early position and proudly show the table their flopped full house when they shove over a small flop bet ( and the original bettor folds) you know you're dealing with poker donks!

Note to spammers: I do appreciate that most of you seem to at least leave a relevant comment these days, but if you're linking to a casino/poker site etc then it will be deleted.

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