Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My Party roll now stands at $1932 after another couple of decent sessions at the felt.That's nearly $800 up from the $1165 low my roll hit last week so I'm obviously pleased to get things back on track.The only things keeping me going over the last few months have been knowing that a) 40-50 buy-in downswings happen to all ( or most) winning sng players b)I didn't feel I was suddenly being outplayed on every hand and had major leaks in my game c)I've played enough sng's to be able to recognise a seemingly surreal run of continued beats/lost flips as being just that.

Reading a top pro sng grinders blog like The Rant by Acbarone68 has also helped a ton, as he's one of the worlds best sng players,plays over 100 sngs per day and doesn't get too down over a few losing sessions.

I can't deny that 6 months of low volume running like crap did leave me feeling sick of poker.If I'm only playing 16-20 games per day and a standard bad run can easily be 250 games from hell then as a hobby player it's hard to want to sit down and grind when it feels like I'm just never going to win another game.Of course if I was a true grinder,6 months worth of self-pitying "nobody runs as badly as me" posts would probably just be condensed into a bad few days or week.

Not a very interesting post today but if I'm going to whinge and whine about losing 40 buy-ins I reckoned it was only fair to post when I'm actually winning again!

Loved this youtube clip from footballer Joseb Etxeberria's ( Athletico Bilbao ) farewell match.

His testimonial match was Athletic Bilbao vs 200 kids.100 in the first half, another 100 in the second half. His 11 man team still won 5-3


At Wednesday, 19 May, 2010, Blogger Gavin said...

Nice going mate. Cracking testimonial clip.

At Wednesday, 19 May, 2010, Blogger Wildcat said...

I'm glad there was no betting on the game, I would have made the kids a cert to win!

At Thursday, 20 May, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont think even messi could dribble through that lot.


At Saturday, 29 May, 2010, Blogger Amatay said...

gd clip


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