Monday, July 12, 2010

Best Russian Song Ever...

As I've only played about 15 sng's since my last post there's not a lot of poker to write about.It was good to see Nick over at Twitterpoker posting again and I suffer from the same problem of wanting to bank a winning session if I have a good start.It's so hard to get it into my head that even at a 10% ROI I'll be doing well to make $2.20 per game at the $22's and just over a Dollar per game at the $11's.Of course if I do start with a couple of wins, knowing I'm only making $1-$2 per game becomes all I can think about and I'm almost expecting to lose buy-ins to "make up" for those cashes.Retaining confidence and focusing on volume are the only answers I can come up with.

I have run like hell this year at the felt and I think part of the problem is that after reducing the volume I played after my accident last Nov,I lost some of my resistance to running badly and keeping up the volume required to play through it.After 5 successful years, a break even stretch over hundreds of games was bound to happen, but despite knowing how standard this is,I've just not had the motivation to keep plugging away.

Writing this reminds me that I've always felt the secret to winning poker is to always play your best game.( revelation of the year!) Taking beat after beat in sng's is standard , but push/folding better than your opponents and playing correctly on the bubble and beyond are the factors that separate the winners from the losers.

Away from the poker I'm up to 5 hours per day ( alternate days ) at the moment at work and I'm still giving serious thought to reducing my working week to 4 days as my back and side are still sore and I'm not exactly fond of my job.If only I could earn $2 for every Team Deathmatch played on Call of Duty!

Ok,I know nobody ever clicks youtube song links on blogs but this was first time I've seen this one and it's guaranteed to make you smile...


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