Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bring on Number 54...

I had a wee laugh at Rosie wishing me a happy birthday last Friday and calling me Mr Grumpy.I know Rosie was just teasing, but reading over some of my previous posts I do sometimes wonder if the people who don't know me in real life think that all I do is moan and whine about everything!

Anyway in todays happy go lucky post I'm going to joyfully write about winning money at poker and further increasing my Modern Warfare 2 KDR.It's riveting stuff so read on....

I haven't been jogging since my last post and although I've agreed to play badminton with the s-man, my back and side have been giving me quite a bit of pain ( let the moaning commence) over the last week or so and despite the fact I could usually beat the s-man wearing a blindfold,I'm a bit unsure about taking to the courts again.

On the poker front I'm still not playing nearly as often these days,mainly due to my ongoing addiction to Call of Duty.( kdr now 1.27!) When I have played I've felt much fresher and my results haven't been too bad.I'm now over the threshold needed to move back to the $22's on Party and managed to run well and take down the first one I played since moving up from the $11's.

I've also been playing more cash games on Stars and have been treading water since my last post.When I used to play cash a few years back I was quite nitty and this time around I've been playing far more aggressively.That means I've butchered a few hands trying to be too creative, but I'm enjoying the change from the auto-pilot mode I use for sng's.

Away from the poker I'm looking forward to the start of the football season on Saturday.I've renewed my season ticket and hopefully I'll get to see Rangers go on and clinch 3 in a row and a world record 54th League title.I was listening to Talksports latest inquest into why England failed at the World Cup on the way home from work.I've mentioned before I think most of their players are over hyped and nowhere near as good as they think they are.

I remember Gerrards comment about the Algerians after they drew 0-0 when he told the press "That was their Cup final".I agree Algeria are one of the smaller nations and England are a bigger country in footballing terms ( despite winning hee haw for over 40 yrs), but Algeria qualified for the World Cup just as England did and as far as over hyped, arrogant twats like Gerrard are concerned the game should have been just as much of a cup final for his own side.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon..


At Saturday, 14 August, 2010, Blogger Juice said...

The england players are good but they certainly talk a better game than they play on the international stage.

Having said that when gerrard scores goals like he did against Hungary you wonder what the hell is wrong with all of them.


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