Friday, July 16, 2010

Not Afraid

Well it looks like Step A may not be moving to England after all as her Mums boyfriend doesn't want her there.The fact that her Mum ( an ex of mine)hasn't already dumped the prick and moved back up the road just makes me wonder how it's possible to be with someone for so long ( 7 1/2 yrs) without really knowing their true character.Anyway I'm looking forward to meeting the wee one for lunch tomorrow and to taking her to meet my new nephew.

There's not much else really going on at the moment.As per a previous post I've cut right back on my weed smoking.Everyone always knows someone who can drink anyone else under the table and I suppose when it came to weed I was that guy,getting through an oz per month and rarely not enjoying a smoke when I had the chance.Being off work sick for so long,smoking most nights and still feeling tired the next day even after 10 hours sleep made me realise there was no way I could carry on in the same way and expect to keep going to work without being zombie tired everyday.

Before my accident it had become a bit of a vicious circle of having a horrible day dealing with complaints at work,smoking to de-stress and to forget about my day and then struggling further the next day due being up too late and being foggy minded.I'm still cherry picking complaints from a sheet and not being allocated 5 per day so it will be more of a test of my resolve in the coming weeks, but in truth I've not missed it much and have felt much better for it too.Running out of weed and turning down a "bit for a joint" also told me I really don't need a puff to get through life.That's not to say I won't still be lighting up at weekend or enjoying trips to the Dam to get wrecked!

Not smoking has also helped my KD ( Kills/Deaths) ratio on Call of Duty which is always a bonus! I also won a couple of sngs on Party last night and with a bit of "run good" hopefully I can be back at the $22's soon.Barely playing a hand over the last few weeks has helped clear my mind of the constant negative feelings being on a downswing brought and hopefully I can motivate myself to stop playing as much COD and get back to making some decent hobby money at the tables!

Music wise my downstairs neighbour gave me a copy of Eminem's new album ( yeah us nearly 38yr olds still call 'em albums) and it's a definite return to form."Not Afraid" and "Space Bound" are my two favourite tracks from it.Strange really as I was never a fan of rap/hip hop, but "The Slim Shady LP" got me hooked and I loved "The Marshall Mathers LP" too.Anyway enjoy "Not Afraid"...

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