Monday, July 19, 2010

Roll with it

I only played a couple of games on Saturday night.I fired up a $22 and a couple of $11's on Party, but left the $11's as they were taking too long to fill up.I noticed a $33 about to start and joined it instead.I ended up going out 5th in the $22 and painfully bubbling the $33 after a bad beat.I went to bed feeling pissed off, although I was more pissed off at feeling pissed off than at the actual bad beat that knocked me out of the $33! When I used to regularly play 15-20 games per night I could go to bed up or down $250 and not care either way and yet here I was getting annoyed at dropping just $55.

In part I blame the cash-out curse.It's not that I believe that cashing out affects the poker sites number generator, but playing on a much smaller roll isn't much fun and my eagerness to get back to the $22's on a regular basis means that every small setback hurts more than when dropping 10 buy-ins wouldn't have put even a minor dent in my bankroll.Being somewhat rusty when it comes to mini-grinding ( I'd call real grinding playing at least 100 sng's per session)also left me feeling the swings more, although overall I feel that taking a wee break has refreshed my enthusiasm for the game.There are probably a few contradictions contained above, but nothing is ever usually black and white in poker.

Last night I stuck to the $11's at Party,4 tabling without the tv on or any other distractions and managed to take a few down.I could move money across from Stars to give me 20 buy-ins for the $22's but I'm only about $80 short of that target so I reckon I'll keep plugging away at the $11's for now.

Late on last night I played some 9 player $16's on Stars and booked a few wins to take my overall roll to just over the $1.1k mark.

Off work today as it's Glasgow Fair Monday.Nothing fair about it so far as all it's done is piss down with rain.Anyways thanks for reading.Back soon...


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